Monday, December 11, 2006

A Package on My Porch

I was just about to turn into my driveway when I noticed there was a package leaning up against my front door.

As soon as I got inside I hurried out to the front door to see what the heck was sent to us and who it was for. Lo and behold I see the label and it has my name on it.


Who would send me a package and call me G-Money??? I wonder.... OH YEAH!!!

I forgot all about winning Scott's infamous (and kinda gnarly (just kidding)) "AUTS" contest!

He did say,

"G-Money - your prize will arrive at your place soon.
I've got the perfect gift in mind, and I'm sure you'll love it!"

Well, he was absolutely correct.

I LOVE the far side. I guess my twisted sense of humor is pretty apparent here at The B.A.D. Blog. There are some things you just cannot hide.

Scott and I always joke about being separated at birth or something. I think this is further proof that our parents have some explaining to do.

Thanks man, that was an awesome prize and a lot of fun!


Vivian said...

That is awesome. You guys have a scarey connection. LOL

Sarah said...


In Search Of Balance said...

That's awesome. :) :)

Chrissie in Belgium said...


Scott K. Johnson said...

Do I know you, or do I know you!

Glad that you like it man! I got such a kick out of seeing "G-MONEY" on the shipping label! That rocks!

Shannon said...

Scott's pretty good at the gift giving.

I wish I could win an AUTS contest.

Jamie said...

How cool is that?? I love The Far Side!

Enjoy your new reading material :D

Drea said...

Ohhhh, SWEET!! Everything in life can be summed up by a FAR SIDE comic!!!!!