Thursday, May 03, 2007

Home A1C Test TEST

Tomorrow I am going to the lab to give them lots of blood. Yes friends it is Lab eve here and I am cranky because I want diet pepsi and a Life Savers Sugar Free Popsicle but I am fasting (should be called "slowing" since time moves much slower without diet pepsi in your system!).

I came across a home A1C test kit and I thought I would put it to the test. I am just about to start the process of collecting my sample for the test. There is 8 steps to the whole thing which at first almost made me throw in the towel but I am curious to see how close this test is to the one the lab will do. (I swear sometimes that they named that monkey after me. Or maybe vice versa?)

I will let you all know both results however awful. I am not feeling so good about my control lately. My BG has been a little elevated you could say since 2007 began so this cannot be good for me. Maybe a little failure will kick my ass into gear.

We shall see.

Damn, those popsicles are so yummy.


Unknown said...

Mmm. I could go for a popsicle right now. If you've got a popsicle problem, I can help you get rid of it!

Good luck with the lab test, I'm interested to see how your little experiment turns out.

Annie said...

Wow, George, let me know how the test works. Where do you get it? I am super curious now.

Drea said...

Good luck!! I am up for an A1c next week....!! How did the home test work out?

George said...

Hannah - I cannot tell you how full of popsicly goodness the Life Saver Sugar free popsicles are! They are awesome and I have many non-D friends that are hooked on them too!

Annie - It was sent to be as a gift from Dlife! I signed up for their little diet program (like Weight Watchers) and it was a gift for signing up!

Annie and Drea - The way the test works is you drop two very large drops of blood onto a collection spot then you mail it back to the company who will send you the results. Not truly a "home" test but it is a "do it yourself."

Minnesota Nice said...
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Minnesota Nice said...

dvdvgGeorge----was yours "A1C At.Home" by Flexsite Diagnostics? I did one of there's about year ago - put the blood on the paper and mail it in. Did it the same day I went to my clinic. Clinic test said 6.8, mail in said 8.2!

I have also used the one by Metricka, where there are several steps, including sucking up the blood into a thin glass straw, mixing it with a solution and then putting the solution on a blotting paper in a little plastic box. The reading appears in about 6 minutes on a screen in the box. I
was a few weeks between labs when I used that one, so don't know how accurate it was.

As I recall both systems were expensive - in the $25 range. If I'm gonna pay that much money, I want it to be accurate.

Anonymous said...

The world is so much slower without diet pepsi. somedays, at work, i think my day slows to a halt entirely without it. When that happens I dash out for diet cherry pepsi because that speeds things up even more than just the plain old diet stuff.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Ha! "Slowing" - I love it!

Blue Eyes Meg said...

Those Popsicles are AMAZING. and make me giggle every time I eat one with you because we both have the dirtiest minds. haha.

ILY Jorge :)

~Meghan <3

Kerri. said...

Good luck, SuperG! I'm curious about the consistency of results, too.

And I definitely giggled at "slowing," too. :)

Molly said...

Good Luck George! I just enjoyed a sugar free lifesaver popsicle... after reading your post, I remembered that I had some in the freezer. They are the best! Only honestly, I had a beer with mine. :-)
Here's hoping for a reasonable A1c!

Joanna said...

Hello George,
I tried to find your follow up to this blog. Curious how the at home A1C test went. My 12 year old is due for hers and we all get a bit tired of the 2 hour doctors appointment. Looking for other options.

Anonymous said...

Try I've been taking their A1c tests every 3 months now for the last 9 months and my results are almost dead on with what my doctor is seeing. Their website also tracks my results over time so it's been nice to see my progress, good and bad.