Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Meeting Kerri

“SuperG, the plan is Starbucks at 8:30.”

I stare at my Blackberry reading Kerri’s text. I never go to Starbucks! I am like the only person in the world that does not know what the heck to order there. Oh well. I figure I will ask her what to get and then reply back.

“Sweet. See you there!”

When I finally got to the Starbucks I saw Kerri and Chris at the counter ordering. I waved, said “hi” to both of them and let the Ninja emerge.

“Okay, so I know nothing about the Starbucks. What should I order? I have no clue.”

Kerri suggests a Chai Tea (sp?) and says, “It’s cool there is nothing in it.”

I tell the Coffee Queen behind the counter, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

All three of us sat down on the patio and just talked. It was strange how someone you only know from reading their blog can feel so much like a friend you have known forever. I instantly felt comfortable to let my ninja guard down and let loose.

I may have been a little too “double O C” (More lingo for you Kerri. That would mean Out of Control!) at times but as Allison and Sara know, I can not always control myself. I am like a puppy dog when a new person comes over. Ya know what I mean? All excited and stupid. Yeah, I’m that guy.

Kerri is just as nice and funny and witty and cool as she seems. And can I just say that Chris is awesome too. I love it when two people that are so great find each other. They are quite the team. So perfect for one another.

We shared funny stories, serious situations, our past, our hope for the future and not always about diabetes which was nice. We discussed movies and music and how 34 really isn’t old. We had a lot in common.

I made a comment about how something made me feel “all honked up.” After she stopped laughing hysterically at my vocab I explained how that is my PG version of being “effed up” to which she gave a G rating. I will have to reconsider my rating standards it seems. When I get comfortable I say the strangest things. So embarrassing!

All and all I had a fantastic time. The only bad thing about the meet up is that time flew by. I probably could have sat there and chat chitted for hours longer. I just feel like we were old friend playing “catch up” and it felt really good.

The night proved to me that having people to connect with makes for a more tolerable “D” life. I felt so alone for so long.

Before Chris snapped this pic, I said, “What’s my inspiration?”

Kerri spoke through gritted teeth in a sort of Mr. Howell from Gillian’s Island voice and says, “We’re writers.”

And this is the stupid face I made. LOL

Here is a normal one.

Thanks again Kerri and Chris. I had a blast!


Kerri. said...

Hey SuperG! It was great meeting you - and learning all those new words. :) I'm bringing some NinjaSpeak back to the East Coast with me.

Bernard said...


Thanks for the excellent pictures. You look great.

And that explains why Kerri hasn't been blogging. She's been having fun hanging at Starbucks with you instead. :-)

Nicole P said...

OK, two of my favorite (online and real life) people are not only cool, but super-cute... yay!


Anonymous said...

Is there a reason you got so much more dressed up for her than you did for me? :D

Just kidding - you look great! A real disappearing ninja!

Unknown said...

I'm glad you guys took pictures and posted them. After reading Kerri's blog, I just knew that SuperG would soon post--so it's a double dose of the double OC SuperG.

That's my new nickname for you, George: "Double OC SuperG!"

Major Bedhead said...

You look like you're doing your Van Wilder impression, George. :D

Those are great pictures!

Unknown said...

BTW, George. I found your new online dictionary, as no regular one will do.


Ninja words. a really fast dictionary.

Chrissie in Belgium said...

it looks like you and Kerri had a great time. I admit it - I am jealous, from across the ocean!

Scott K. Johnson said...

How very super cool.

Can you imagine what it's going to be like when we ALL get together someday?! Crazy I tell you!

I can't wait!

Just Jinny said...

Hi! I love that first picture. You look very writer-like. Fierce! Anyway, I haven't made any friends through blogging, but I have made wonderful friends from message boards. Other people don't understand that I how I can actually be friends with people that I haven't met face to face. *shrug*