Thursday, January 17, 2008

Times .10

If you have read my Blogabetes post today then this will just be review.

Last night during lots of Wii gaming I had to change my set. I must have had a bad set or something because before I went to went to bed I had the scare of my life! I checked my BG and the little screen on my machine said “Hi.”

For a second I thought, “That is crazy I have never seen that. Weird. Oh wait! HIGH!” I freaked out. My heart beat was pounding in my head. I checked for ketones but came up clean. I washed my hands just to be sure and when I checked a second time, I was at 520. Dang.

At least I knew then what my BG was. I got so scared because “HI” means my machine cannot register my BG level. The only time I have ever had that show up on my screen was when I was DKA and ended up in ICU for 3 days. After watching my BG slowly drop down over the next hour I went to sleep.

It sucks to lay there thinking about what could have happened. What would Jasmine have done? What about the kids? It is late at night and everyone is in bed. It just sucks. Those were all of the last thoughts I had as I fell asleep.

Until I woke up kicking the blankets off of myself. Covered in sweat I grab my machine to check. 52. I have 4 glucose tabs and immediately thought of the name of this post.

Do any of you bloggers think about how you are going to blog a situation as it is happening? Is this some kind of sickness? I saw a T-shirt that said, “I am going to blog about this” and I think I should wear one. I can have a scary low and think, “What should I name this post!” Do you guys have that happen?

Anyhow, I love blogging but I would much rather focus on Movies instead of diabetes. At least I have major love for movies!

I hate diabetes.


Jillian said...

So sorry about your horrible night. I'm glad it's over now.
I have done the thinking up titles when something happens that I want to blog about. Now I want that blogging shirt, I'll have to Google it.

By the way, I just listened to an episode of your podcast. You have the most hilariously entertaining speaking voice and sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, sounds like a complete reversal of our Sunday night.

(and yes, I was figuring out how to blog about it once the initial low crisis was over.)

HVS said...

(its awful, sometimes you can't really focus on enjoying(or just getting through) the said event because your brain is otherwise occupied on figuring out what to say about it..

I hope you're feeling better,nights like that are prime-time scary.

Donna said...

I do the same thing. Anytime something diabetes-wise happens, I'm trying to figure out the title, what youtube clip, esnips clip or photo to use.

I love movies, too - especially comedies.

Bad Decision Maker said...

hehe, yeah i've started doing that too. due to recent events in the diabetes arena, the phrase "WTF... in a good way" keeps popping into my head. that's definitely the title of my next still un-wrtiten post.

AmyT said...

Yeah, but being able to blog about it is what makes it bearable, right?

Hang in there, George.

Shannon said...

What a seesaw of numbers you were on. I hate diabetes too.

But I laughed in my head a little when I read about you thinking about blogging.

It must be a sickness because last night, I was thinking about blogging about Brendon being a 36 after some hard monkeying around and saying he only felt like he was a 64.

And then I started writing the post in my head as he opened up a cheese stick after drinking a juice.

Therapy, son....that's what I think blogging is.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Yes, I totally think that way.

I agree with the others here - it's therapy.