Saturday, February 21, 2009


After you watch this clip, head over to Scott's blog to check out the other half of the story.

Also, these blogs below to get more info on the meet ups. ;)

Karen's Blog - Bitter-Sweet Diabetes
Cherise's Blog - Diabeticizme


Molly said...

The dynamic duo together at last.
What a great time.
(and Scott, I'm so jealous of your tan. It's currently snowing here. ugh)
Hope you two enjoy the rest of your weekend :-)
Can you give us the total number of diet pops you went through over the weekend?!

Anonymous said...


It doesn't get any funnier than the picture of the two of you on Space Mountain!

P.S. My word verification is 'smacks' - which is what I want to do to you for not telling me!!

Minnesota Nice said...
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Anonymous said...

To think I could of met George a few weeks ago as I was in CA, poop. Next time. :)

Minnesota Nice said...

Oh for mercy sake! The Best!
I do hope the police were able to get out an APB to warn people that two bruddas-from-anudda-mudda were cruisin' the area on a Thelma and Louise style roadtrip.

Lee Ann Thill said...

Too cool for words, dude! I don't know how you kept all that a secret for that long - I would've been bursting at the seams! Wow...

Anonymous said...

(1) Sounds like "the brother you never knew you had"
(2) One thing about folk with something (relatively) esoteric in common (ok, not that diabetes is that esoteric!) is that you can immediately talk in jargon/shorthand without having to stop, step back, and wonder if the other person understood you.

Kerri. said...

Nothing makes me happier than seeing you two hanging out together. SO AWESOME!!!!

Now I'm off to watch the other vlogs and read the posts and catch up on all this news and smile a HUGE smile. :D!

Karen said...

Ack, how did I forget to leave a comment on this post???? See what an awesome trip to California and a meet up with the coolest D-Bloggers in the world will do to a girl!!

Seriously, thank you both for making the long ride down for dinner with me and Pea. We loved meeting you and we had the best "last night in CA" ever!!