Friday, November 13, 2009

One More Day!

Last year I wrote a song for World Diabetes Day called "Not By Choice." It is available for purchase on iTunes or by using the link on the right side. My hope was to raise some awareness and some money for charity.

This year, people everyone in the blogosphere have been busy doing all kinds of cool stuff for WDD. I love it. The more of us out there putting diabetes in the forefront and educating, the better.

We can help destroy stereotypes, misconceptions, and myths. Just our voices can make people pay attention to the fastest growing disease in the world! You would think there would be "swine flu outbreak" pandomonium but there is not. People think diabetes is easy to live with. That if they lose some weight they will never have it. That is wrong. We need to educate.

So BIG UPS to Manny who broke it down in this interview. Thank you Manny. I am always impressed and thankful for you.

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Jaimie said...

so exciting! Your video was great, Manny was awesome... Happy more & more are on board...and w/Cherise doing luncheon today too...awesomeness all around!

word verification.. consub.. Diabetes can be consubing!