Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Updates and Annoyances

Exercise: UPDATE - I did what I set out to do last night and worked out in the Old Slimmons Gym (My Garage). I was out there for about an hour and it was great! Tonight will be round two! Wish me luck!

Toe: UPDATE – It looks okay now. Still a little darker then the rest but at least it looks semi normal.

BG: UPDATE – How can I say this? Master P kicks ass! My BG’s have been so sweet lately and even after Pizza! I did the controlled test a few times on my machine to make sure it was working right. So great!

Picture: UPDATE – What do you get when you cross Captain Morgan’s, Karaoke, Me, and a Child’s dress up box? See the new pic! I am some sort of a fireman ninja who uses Karaoke CD’s as Stars to fight crime.

Annoyances – Why did my insurance approve my pump but not the test strips for the BG meter that comes with it? It makes no sense to me since the strips I do get are the ones that require me opening a veil to fill the strip with blood. Man, the machine that came with Master P ( I call it P.Wee BG) only wants a little bit of blood to give me a reading. That sucks because my fingers are turning into ground beef and every time I try and use my middle finger, it turns its back on me if you know what I mean!


Sara said...

I hear ya on the "non-covered strips". My strips for the pump are actually the "non-prefered" brand for my insurance so I can pay a double co-pay to get them. Sending the results wireless to my pump is just not worth that much $$ to me.
And who are they to say what I prefer?! :)
P.S. Grew up in the OC :) High school in Fullerton

Minnesota Nice said...

Good work G.
Just one day makes a difference, and no effort is every waster.
I to like the pic.

Kerri. said...

Insurance is a bitch. The standard issues regarding test strips that I encounter are as follows:

"We're sorry - your insurance only covers testing up to four times per day. These extra ... eleven times just can't be covered."

"You can't use more than one kind of meter and have both sets of strips covered. Yes, we realize we covered your pump. Yes, we know that the meter that came with it would be the best match for your diabetes management at the moment. No, quite frankly, we don't care."

... and that picture of you had me giggling like a little kid at my desk this morning. I love it. You're a hot ticket, Mr. George.

Also, I'm responding to your email sometime today. I didn't forget about you. I've just been crazy busy! Response en route - I promise. :)

julia said...

Can you get your doctor to write a letter to the insurance company? Might be worth a shot.

Zak said...

Hey George,

I'm very thankful that my insurance company (Aetna HMO) covers my strips. I use the Therasense Freestyle and absolutely love it. I'm going to ignore the meter that came with my 722 pump and manually input my results. The best thing about my Freestyle is that I don't mind testing anymore since I can test my forearms instead of my fingertips. Way less nerve endings up there! The BG readings are a little different when you use alternate sites, but "close enough" for me. When I started using the Freestyle, I found myself testing much more often, and that has really helped.

Good luck!