Monday, September 11, 2006

Lots to think about

It has been 2 weeks today that I added a new medicinal adhesive to my birthday suit. It has been 14 days since tobacco smoke has been wreaking havoc in my lungs. There have been 336 hours of clothes not smelling like an ashtray and 20,160 minutes ago I decided to take control of another aspect of my health.

Like an adolescent relationship I celebrate every anniversary however minute. As Kerri remembers her 20 years of life with D, I hope that I will have a 20 year anniversary of a smoke free life.

In other news, the little girl (let’s call her “O”) that I wrote about below is doing well. She spent most of last week in the hospital. Her doctor was watching her closely and trying to regulate her insulin doses as well as teach her parents how to administer injections. Her mom told my wife that a big challenge is getting O to eat. She is not a big eater so breakfast each day is a major challenge.

Her doctor told her that O was way too young to even be considered for a pump. I found that strange but I personally think that she should get down MDI first and then look at pumping. Sort of like learning to ride a motorcycle before learning how to ride a bike. The basic knowledge should be there first IMO.

In yet other news Master P did something very strange yesterday. I was in a Jack in the Box grabbing a quick bite and as soon as an alarm went off in the kitchen, Master P started yelling at me. Beep Boop Beep! I looked down at him and he said,

“Delivery Stopped. Change entire set. Check BG. See Troubleshooting in your Users Guide. Have a Nice Day SUCKA”

I looked at him and thought, “okay, that sucks.”

I pressed ESC + ACT to clear the alarm and then it said “RESUME?”

I pressed act and off P went delivering again.

WTF was that? I kept checking my BG for the next several hours and everything was fine. Was that a coincidence that when some alarm went off in the kitchen at JIB Master P started freaking out? I wonder if some radio wave or something set him off. It was really weird since after that little blip nothing really happened. All of my BG’s and boluses have been fine. Have any of you had an issue like that?


Hannah said...

What kind of pump is it? I haven't had pump problems that weird since I switched from my Minimed 508 to the 712. The 508 used to be really sensitive to static or something and would have these major meltdowns where everything would stop, and I would end up reprogramming every last bit of info into the pump. So incredibly frustrating!

However, I've never seen anything like that...yikes. Maybe there was a Lady Pump in the area, and ol' Master P started flirting and got all worked up and distracted from what he was supposed to be doing...

George said...

Master P is a Paradigm 722. It could have been a Lady Pump. Master P is such a flirt.

Minnesota Nice said...

Lady pump - what a hoot. I love the sense of humor in the OC.
George, you're doing it! Each minute that ticks by without a cig has your small vessels yelling "thanks a bunch". Aren't you just beaming with self-pride? (Hey, you should be............)

art-sweet said...

Slap! Bad boy, Mr. P!

I had a similar moment with my 722. There weren't any other pumps in the vicinity, so I don't think Smokey was flirting... just snoozing on the job for a few minutes. I changed my site just to be on the safe side. All was well.

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Nope, my Cozmo has never acted like THAT! Remeber each P has its own idiocyncrasies'spelling?)

Hej, you are doing really great with the cigs! Hang in there! Be PROUD of yourself, for every few seconds that pass you are winning that battle! Gosh I have tried so many times to convince one certain person to quit the cigs...... She can't, she won't. I think you are GREAT to do this!

Shannon said...

Brendon's pump has never been affected by other signals....but I know someone who's son's pump when blank after sliding down a slide at the park...from the static electricity.

Also, a lot of endo's know amazingly little about the pump and how beneficial they are for kids.

I suggest you tell your neighbor to find an endo that will support their decision to go on the pump if that is what they want.

And as for smoking, just keep comparing smoking life with non-smoking life and the cigs will seem less attractive (I hope!!)

Scott K. Johnson said...

Way to go G-Money!!! You're doing a SUPER job on the smoking front. That's great - and I'm really proud of you man!

On the pump thing - sometimes if you are positioned a certain way, or your tubing is kinked up (kind of like a garden hose...?) - you can get some alarms like that. I don't have a medtronic, and I know that on my Cozmo it will say "Blockage Detected" or "High Pressure Alert", etc. Often times it's because I'm sitting funny or something like that.

It it would have continued to scream at you, it would have been a good idea to check things out and change sets.

Glad it was no big deal!