Thursday, October 26, 2006

Pancakes and Parties

My very good friend Sean is the Youth and Family Pastor at our church. He went to see “M” in the hospital and told him and his family that I would like to be there for them if they need anything at all.

I received a call from Sean saying that “M” wanted to see if the 3 of us can go to breakfast on Saturday morning so we can talk. After a quick check with my better half, plans were set into motion.

I am really looking forward to listening to him and trying to offer some guidance and hope. I am probably gonna send him to the OC for some good reading so please be on your best behavior! Just kidding.

I will let you know how the breakfast visit goes. I was thinking about putting together a little care package of stuff for him. Do you guys have any suggestions? Things that maybe you were not told to get but that you learned are indispensable for you now? I was thinking like Glucose Tabs, foot lotion, and maybe some sugar free candy or something. I would love some ideas.

In other news, we had an open house at my company’s office to show off our newly remodeled facilities and invite our customers to meet us. It was a great event. Lots of people, lots of booze, and lots of food. I even let Master P hang out. He hung proudly on my belt and watched all the people from the side view. 3 different people said, “What’s that on your side?” I have yet to have people ask about “P” so I was really excited to spread the knowledge about the big D and how Master P helps me out. I even raised an additional 50 bucks for the Walk I am doing on the
4th November. Sweet!

Master P was in Full Effect!


Melissa said...


This is great that you are able to use your experience. Stuff like this makes a day with diabetes ever so slightly more bearable--when I think "why me" and then I think about situations where my knowledge has helped someone else, it at least gives me a little relief that it's not completely for nothing. Still sucks :)

As for the care package. Peanut butter crackers and glucose tabs are a good idea--I like the small tubes of tabs that are easy to carry around. You could help him try different flavors ;)

Goodluck and have fun!

Penny said...

Just a suggestion. Riley doesn't like glucose tabs. We use fruit gushers for his lows. You might want to through a few packs of those in your package. A kid his age may like them a little better.

Also, I think it's great that you're doing this. Just great.

Vivian said...

You are officially upgraded from Super George to Awesome Super George!

julia said...

You probably can't get one in time, but a My Other Checkbook would be great. We used to use those all the time, until we switched to computer logging.
- Info on Medic Alert (a must for people with diabetes)
- A link to the Children With Diabetes website. There's a ton of info there and a teen email list, I believe.
- A good carb counting book, pocket-sized so he can take it with him.
- A set of measuring cups.
- If you can afford one, a decent digital scale. You can get one for about $20. There's also the up-market version that actually calculates carbs for you, but that one's over $60. Kind of pricey for someone you don't know, but you could give him info about it. It's by Soehlne.
- A cool case for his kit.

Megan said...

Contact your local JDRF chapter and have them send him a Bag of Hope. It has a lot of really useful stuff in it.

Minnesota Nice said...

Wow, things are really coming together. And you will be setting a great example.
I can't think of any ideas to add for the kit.
What a good feeling your will have in helping this boy adapt.

Anonymous said...

Type 1. I love the glucose tabs, but then again I have always had kind of a sweet tooth. :)
I got a great care package when I was first diagnosed. It had the glucose tablets, lotions, a fast food carb counting booklet, and MY FAVORITE was the insulated travel case for insulin and other supplies (pre-pump). Still use it to store my insulin in on trips.