Wednesday, December 06, 2006

All Apologies

I was in a very sad place the other night when I posted. I should really “sleep on it” before I decide to hit “publish.” I am sorry for posting such a downer post.

I must explain to you all that I put no real thoughts into my posts. I usually have a feeling, story, experience, or whatever and decide to share it with all of you. If I were to try and formulate a post I can guarantee that I would never ever post anything. I am very critical of myself and that is why my blog is so random sometimes.

In real life I am a pretty open guy. I am willing to talk about my life to pretty much anyone. I feel like I have nothing to hide and besides, maybe someone can learn something from one my mistakes or successes. I truly do like to help people if I can.

Last night at church Band Practice we started singing Christmas songs to prepare for the holiday services. I lead the contemporary band at church and on Christmas Eve we lead the music at the 5PM family service. While we were singing “What Child is This” I started thinking about the post below and about how much I have to be thankful and happy for especially during this time of the year. I thought about all of the nice comments and people who gave me ((hugs)) which are as awesome as real ones. It really warmed me up from the inside out.

Then I remembered that at my church we have a service called the “Blue Christmas” service. Made for people that are not in a “Holly Jolly” mood for whatever reason. It is a safe place to be a little “blue” during the holidays. That post below could have been the poster child for why this service exists. Last year me and my little sister sang and played all the music for the service. I remember thinking that it should be nice but I am probably going to be sad for all the people that will be there. It turns out that God had me there for a reason. I was crying more then anyone and felt so much better after I left. Man, a good cry is so cleansing.

That brings me to something else…

What is the deal with guys crying? I wish guys would not be so judgmental about it. It really is not a big deal and it is so cleansing on so many levels. I remember my uncle laughing at me for crying at a baptism. I don’t cry when I hurt my finger but I do cry EVERYTIME I watch The Color Purple. So, is being in touch with your feelings or emotions a weakness? Well, I would rather be a weak wimp. I am not going to cry about that! HA HA!

Oh man, I need to see a therapist! :)


PumpLover said...

Thanks for the welcoming comments! See you don't need to see a therapist because you just got all of that thought out there on your blog so see who needs to pay somone to talk to when you just said all that!

Vivian said...

George, we all need to post sad blogs sometimes, we are human. I think the fact that you cry is wonderful, it shows how caring and compassionate you are. I am glad you are in a happier place now.

Carey said...


I'm glad that today is a better day for you. Nothing wrong with a good cry. Well, that's what I tell my kids EVERY time I'm the only one bawling at the end of the movie The Iron Giant.

Take care.

Kelsey said...


Don't feel badly about posting something sad... that's life. Also, being real in your blog is what people relate to, so don't change that!

On the issue of men crying, I agree, what's the big deal?! I'm big on a good cleansing cry now and then. One night several months ago my husband and I had a good cry and he later said to me, "that's why women live longer than men, they get their emotions out." So true.

MileMasterSarah said...

Haha, George, maybe you should BE a therapist!

Kerri. said...


You are honest and real about all of this, and that's what makes you such a valuable resource. Don't fret about the "blue" posts. We all write them, or feel them. But only the bravest post them. Thanks for being so brave.

... and you would make a terrific therapist, by the way. Point to ponder. :)

Minnesota Nice said...

Just what do you think your role is - to be the court jester and keep us all entertained (although you probably would look kind of cute in one of those hats with the bells on it).
Seriously, in my opinion, you can never go wrong writing from the heart. And, maybe putting the words down helped get you to the later conclusions.
I think it shows a lot of strength and maturity to "own" your feelings.
And, before I read the comments, I too thought "why would SG need to go to a therapist when he could be one himself"?
Gotta go turn on my Christmas lights! We are supposed to wake up tomorrow to below zero temperatures..............(no snow yet).

Chrissie in Belgium said...

I think it is fine to let your emotions out. It is more real, but I am very happy uou are happy NOW! How can one be really happy if you are never sad......

Lori Rode said...

We love you George! I'm packing up my Christmas present for you. It's got lots of love for the family and for your blog and a large size Kleenex box for you. Crying is healthy. Feeling our feelings as they happen is okay and healthy.

God loves you as you are. Your irregular blog is delightful. (I have to say that bcs mine is irregular too.)

May God bless you and yours this joyous (and sometimes sad) season.

Hannah said...

My friend is a successful spoken word poet in NYC, and way back when I first met her, she was the assistant in a summer writing program I was in. She used to squirt us with a water bottle or a squirtgun (like bad cats!) if we said anything bad about our writing.

Your feelings are your own, and I don't think anyone should have to apologize for writing with honesty.

And it's great to hear guys admit to crying. Sometimes my hubby cries just as much as I do. I have witnessed him tearing up over TV commercials! There's nothing wrong with being a sensitive guy. I think more guys should embrace it.

Sasha said...

I can so relate to the not really thinking too much about the postings. Coz I'm the same. If I even reread it once I'd hesitate to post. Sometimes it's difficult to share.

I think crying shouldn't be defined as something not manly. In fact, I think it's quite opposite - only a true man can be brave enough to cry. And it does feel so good when you can get those emotions out. Besides what about crying from happiness? It's not because we're weak that we're crying, it just the overwhelming of the feelings and emotions. We're all human after all.