Thursday, January 25, 2007

Master P Has My Back!


I have decided to try a new site on my back. Well as far around my side and I can twist (without dancing of course). And something very strange happened. My BG has been very VERY good.

Now, I can honestly say that I have not changed my eating habits or really anything else that would attribute except for this site change. Could a site in a very good spot make this big of a difference? It makes me wonder if I have a lot of scar tissue in my stomach or something that is causing bad absorption.

Either way I am enjoying the great BG’s and the AWESOME *Postprandial BG’s! I had been running high for so long. It is nice to actually have a few Hypo’s (I know that sounds awful but I think you all know what I mean).

Do any of you find that this is an issue? All those years taking shots only in my stomach, I wonder if I ruined the real estate. That would be a shame since it has increased in size recently. That is a lot of potential land to lose! LOL

*Postprandial BG = After mealtime Blood Glucose


Erica said...

Interesting!! I'm glad your BG has been good - I know how good that feels (even the hypos lol) after it seems like nothing you do makes a difference.

How's the Challenge going for you?

Carey said...

That's good news. We're constantly wondering if Charlie's high BGs have to do with absorption. We'd like to break ground in a new area. All of Charlie's shots and now infusion sets have been on his butt.

Nina said...

It's great when you try something new and it works out well! i use my back a lot too - i try to give my stomache a break as often as I can because I hate the little red marks the infusion sets leave behind. I use new sites as often as possible to try to prevent scar tissue build up. I recently tried my inner thigh and it was the only time I have ever had the "Occlusion" warning go off on my pump. Turns out the cannula bent - so much for that new potential site.

Kerri. said...

No kidding, on your back? Where exactly do you have it? Did it hurt to insert?? (I have many questions, O Wise SuperG.)

I'm a thigh-site girl, myself. I rock the occasional abdomen set, but I can't stand it and avoid putting it there as much as I can.

George said...

The site maybe should be considered my side but when I look at myself in the mirror, I cannot see it so it is pretty far back there. All I did was reach around on my left side and put my "Quick-serter" about 4 inches above my waistline as far as I could reach. It did not hurt at all. I actually like it a lot.

Anonymous said...

I am a stomach girl myself but my boss's son only uses his back or side - sounds like about where you tried. I wonder if it is the difference between where guys and girls 'carry their weight'.

Chrissie in Belgium said...

I have tried my sides, way back but below the waist line, but for me it didn't work. I also tried the buttocks. Absorption was so bad that I got ketones! Where you put the needle REALLY is important, but I get so pissed when everytime I do NOT understand my bg values the CDE just says "the absorption was bad". It is such an easy answer! I totally do agree that site choice is important, but I don't want it to explain everything. So I am stuck to my stomach. I would like to try my thighs, but again my CDE discourages that. He says you have to be very careful not to get it near a muscle, particularly when exercising.... I wish I was braver. I am scared of ketones.... so I am scared of trying new places! George, I am glad yours worked!!!!!

Shannon said...

I've never ever heard of any one using their back as a site.

You learn something new every day.

That's awesome that your numbers are so good now. I'll bet you do have scar tissue blocking absorption at the other sites you've used.

Scott K. Johnson said...

G-Money! What's up buddy!

I too use my lower back for sites. I like them too. Same deal as what you describe. Reach around and pull the trigger!

I like them because they are out of my way when I'm playing basketball. Unfortunately at the YMCA we have to play "shirts vs. skins". Yeah, let's not use that mental image for too long...

Anyway, when my sites are in my stomach, up front, there is a lot of potential for the little bit of tubing to get snatched on something. When they are on my lower back, never had a problem.

I also use my upper rear end a lot. I was scared there too, but it works well.

I've not tried a thigh site yet because I can't "pinch an inch" there - I've got the fat man muscle legs - you know from carrying around the wide load up top...


Kevin said...

I started to post a comment yesterday but then something came up, or my computer crapped out or both.

Then this morning, as I was changing my site and decided to go a little further 'round back of my current site, I was reminded of your post.

I do believe that location matters, too. In fact, I've noticed higher numbers when I put my site in on the right side of my abdomen. I chalk this up to being a lefty and habitually stabbing on my right side with my pen.

Recently, though, I've followed a typewriter pattern where I place the next site right next to the previous site and than zig (and zag) back (and forth) across my stomach.

I've seen much less variation in absorption problems since I've adopted this approach.uscavzcu

Kate said...

I know I definitely have scar tissue on my lower abdomen since I tend to prefer that area. I've also been trying to rotate more recently and it does help. I use my thighs and hip area also- and make sure whereever I try to put it I can pinch an inch. I have had some hypos when I've put it in an area of my leg that is particularly close to the muscle and then had some exercise to increase absorbsion. Isn't it exciting though when something you try works? :)

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Eye exams are the PITS! I am going to one on Friday. I will hold your hand. You hold mine, please.

Heidi said...

I too like to place my site as far as I can reach, yet still see, around my side. It is especially handy when I play soccer, so I don't have to worry about taking the ball down with my abdomen :-)

I have tried a thigh site once, but it was constantly in my way (I had mistakenly placed it on my upper left thigh, so it constantly clashed with the keys in my left pocket). Also I tended to have lower readings when the site was situated there, and because I am usually within normal range that meant a lot of hypos or near-hypos. I guess that this site was too close to my quad :-)