Monday, February 05, 2007

Good Times!

Oh boy, we had a great time camping. The weather was perfect during the day. Sunny, Clear, upper 70's, very light breeze. Perfect. It was pretty cold at night at least for us Californians. The kids did well though. We just bundled up and slid as far as possible into our sleeping bags.

During the day we ate, took walks, snacked, played cards, grubbed, and ate some more. How my BG stayed in decent range I can only attribute to the walking and running around.

I did have fun playing Jumprope with my kids. We schooled them on H.E.L.P. (High wires, Eyes closed, Leap frog, Peppers), Grade School (when you run through the jumprope and shout "Kindergarten" then run through again, jump once and shout "First Grade" and so on), and any other playground games we could think of. Do any of you remember those games?

If you have kids, I highly suggest letting go of any hang ups and totally playing with them like you used to when you were a kid. Sure I cannot "shoot the duck" when I rollerskate and I am not too fast at freeze tag but your kids will have fun and trust me, you will too.

If you don't have kids then make sure you try this out with neices & nephews or other kids that are in your life.

You may have sore muscles, but your spirit will soar!

**EDIT** I added some pictures for you to enjoy! (thanks for the reminder Bernard)

This is my Brother in law and me.

This is George and Gillian at the top of a trail.

This is our lovely campsite.

Gillian took this picture of George. I really like it. I think Gillian has a good eye for Pictures. She actually took the one of Me and Frank (Bro-in-law)


Shannon said...

I love to jump rope with my kids. I've taught them "down in the valley where the green grass grows" "teddy bear, teddy bear". There's one I can't remember right now.

They cheer for me to do cartwheels (can we say "groin injury"?)

Kick the can...flash light tag...statue.

They're at an age when they appreciate my favorite childhood games.

Bernard said...

Excuse my envy over your temperatures. Today it got up to about 10 degrees -- before the wind chill. And it was some wind.

Isn't it amazing how much you can eat and how all that 'exercise' can cover it!

Glad you had a good time - where are the photos?

bethany said...

i love the pictures ...

and man i am so freaking jealous of your 70 degree weather ...

before i went to work tonight the weatherman said it was -21 degrees farenheight (how the heck do you spell that? :-D) with the windchill ...

ug :-D

caramaena said...

Sounds like you had a great time - great pics too!

Kevin said...

That camp ground looks great.
And all the eating sounds exactly like my camping trips.

The amount of food consumed while camping usually rivals a Thanksgiving dinner. Two days in a row. It's ridiculous.

Glad you had such a great time!

Chrissie in Belgium said...

George it looks like you had a GREAT time. Yeah isn't it fun being a kid all over again. You can do that with grandchildren too! I am taking the advice I gave to you about getting a second opinion, and using it myself. I am going to also get a second opinion on the eye treatments I should be having for my macular edema.... It is a pain and I would rather just run away from the problem, but I am not going to.

julia said...

70? 70???! Gah. Stupid New England weather.

Which one is you? On the left or the right?

I'm glad you had fun camping. I refuse to do that anymore. Me + the ground = one cranky mama.

Zazzy said...

Looks like fun! I haven't camped in ages!

George said...

shannon - I takes an eternity to do a cartwheel. Like my body moves in slow motion but I can do it!

bernard - it has been in the 50's during the day (this is very low for us) but that weekend was perfect!

bethany - I am a slave to spellcheck. I am also sorry it is so cold. and excuse me, did you say minus 21? WTF?!

carmena - it was and thanks!

kevin - I know and I wonder why i gained weight. duh!

chrissy - you are so great. I cannot wait to get to belgium one day and meet you. such an inspiration.

julia - i am on the left. or the one that could never grow a decent beard like my bro-in-law. Dang I am a pansy! BTW we have a sweet air mattress we use so I am with you on the whole "sleep on the ground" deal. Hell no!

zazzy - it was and I recommend you do it soon!

Lori Rode said...

George, if I could/had to choose another family, I would want to be your kid! I am alternatively totally envious of you that you get to be a parent, and totally happy that I'm free from that particular responsibility.

BTW, what's up with What's in Kevin's Truck? I LOVE that blog idea. Is Kevin still employed there?

I thought I had another thing to ask you, but I've forgotten it....

Bernard said...

Great pictures. And I agree 50 degrees is cold.

I think the coolest night we've experienced was in the 50s and that's chilling - especially when you've left Massachusetts in the 80s and you never packed any clothes for the cold front that moved in as you drove!