Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Monday Mystery

Monday was spent in the Emergency Room of a local hospital. I woke up that morning with a very strange feeling in my head that my blood sugar provided no clue to at a welcoming 114. What could it be? I drove (probably should not have) to work and continued to feel strange. When my coworkers noticed that something was wrong they insisted that one of them take me to the hospital.

I was not too excited about the office freaking out over my symptoms but it did get me really concerned about what was wrong. You see, I felt (and still do) extremely dizzy and foggy. It is as if I am falling backwards all the time or that my head put on 20 pounds and my neck cannot handle it. I also have this very weird delayed reaction when I turn my head too fast. It takes a while for my focus to catch up. I started to really freak out.

The ER found nothing. I laid there for several hours waiting for blood tests to come back but nothing came up. They told me to see my doctor because they could not figure it out.

Great, I am a freaking mystery.

So yesterday I stayed home from work and went to see Dr. F-Bomb. Instead of busting out any profanities he said, “It sounds to me like you have an inner ear viral thing. I’ll give you something that will clear that up in a few days.”

He scribbled out a prescription, handed it to me, and said goodbye.

Here I am at work, still dizzy, still a little worried, but with a new pill to add to the collection that I am hoping will clear this crap up.

Wish me luck!


Scott K. Johnson said...

Wow man! Scary deal!

I hope the pills clear it all up for you. Take care man!

Kate said...

A couple years ago I had a viral infection that caused vertigo (dizziness like you're describing) and was just as freaked out as you were...and it cleared up in about 2 days of rest and fluids. Hang in there, keep us posted!

Minnesota Nice said...

George, I think you may have benign positional vertigo. Here is some info:
I have had it on and off for 25 years and it is an inner ear problem, but not a virus. There are little crystals that form and when they swish around you get the whirlies. It is often prominent when you are lying down and roll over - the ceiling starts sinning above you.
Mine comes and goes, and once I found out that it wasn't a brain tumor or some other such terrible thing, I just let it be.
I have had episodes that lasted for half a day, and one stretch of several weeks. (But haven't had anything significant in several years.)
Good luck. Feel better soon.

type1emt said...

Ugh-hope you feel better soon.Take it easy till your sense of balance returns.
Are you taking Meclazine?

julia said...

I had the same thing. My doctor said inner ear crap, too. Mine went away on its own, so try not to worry too much.

That dizzy head, falling over thing is really friggin' freaky, though. I was thinking I had all kinds of bizarre things. I was quite happy to hear inner ear.

Carol said...

Wow, that sounds like NOT fun at all. I hope it subsides soon. I know you are likely a macho he-man and all, but maybe you could take a day or two off to rest.

Rachel said...

Yuck! I hope things get better soon.

Blue Eyes Meg said...

I tried posting another comment and it was being lame. ANYWAY.

I hope everything is better and I REALLY hope to see you Friday.

Love you Jorge.

~meghan <3

Adjoa said...

Hope you feel better soon. Take care.


Lori Rode said...

That inner ear nonsense is not to be ignored. If it doesn't clear up in a few days, please aggressively seek further medical help. Here's hoping it does clear up or turn out to be the benign positional kind, but one never knows. We want you to be our HEALTHY George again!

Penny said...


I hope that new pill works and you feel like your old self again soon.

And, I chuckle everytime you talk about Dr. F-Bomb. Ha!!

Paige said...

If it is benign positional vertigo, a physical therapist can make it GO AWAY. You don't have to live with it. And he or she can give you a simple exercise to do each day that will keep it away. I was miserable with it and thought nothing could be done, but now mine is gone. Feel better!

Jane said...

My man had this virus last week and passed it on to me (thanks honey). It's horrible but the ear drops cleared it up in about five days for him and I'm getting better. It didn't affect my bg either, just made me stagger about in a dizzy fog. Hope you feel better soon.