Tuesday, March 06, 2007

You Tube Tuesday #10

Yes, I am back.
Yes, I will tell you about my weekend soon.
Yes, it's another cute kitty video.

I am so predictable!


Chris said...

That gives a new meaning to "Pussy Foot"
Welcome Back.

caramaena said...

wb george :)

Hannah said...

Cats make me happy. Thanks for the vid. :)

Kerri. said...

That cat's not half bad!

Welcome home, SuperG.

Megan said...

Welcome back!

Minnesota Nice said...

These videos continue to bring back memories of our pudgy Siamese. Our piano was sort of falling apart and the thing that covered the keyboard wouldn't close. Misty loved to walk on the keys - at all hours of the day and night. It seemed like he was always stepping soooo carefully. It never bothered us - we were used to it.
Nice you're back.