Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Last of the Vacation Pictures

Thursday night we left New Mexico and headed to Flagstaff Arizona to spend the night. On the way there it started snowing. A LOT. It was pretty crazy and the kids and I were freaking out. I was thankful that my brother in law was driving since Los Angeles doesn't get much snow.
Friday morning we awoke to a beautiful blue sky filled with puffy white clouds. There was snow melting all over rooftops, cars, and trees . The reflection of the sun made everything sparkle. It was a very pretty sight.
Here are some pictures from the road on our way to the Grand Canyon.

And here are pictures of the kids in the car. It was a wacky ride for sure!

And here we are at the Grand Canyon. The last picture here I took with my little digital camera. It is now my background on my computer.

After the Grand Canyon, we drove down to Kingman (just outside of Laughlin, Nevada) to meet my wife at my cousin's house. She drove up with a friend Friday morning. We spent the night with my cousin and his family then left Saturday morning for home. We of course stopped off in Laughlin for a little gambling but I did not do so well.

Oh well, all and all I think I made out like a bandit. I had a relaxing and fun filled week with my kids which is priceless. It was perfect.

Tomorrow I will tell you about the big meeting that happened on Sunday. Very cool and I have a picture too!



Penny said...

Welcome home, George.

Nice pictures.

And, cute kids.

It sounds like you all had a great time.

Minnesota Nice said...

Those were great picture. Most of all, I was glad to see the kidlets with their shoulder belts on.

caramaena said...

My goodness, that last one is just stunning :)

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Oh George I have never seen the Grand Canyon! Thank you. Traveling is the BEST! What sights, what experiences, the sparking snow, the memories that you share with your kids!!!! In middle-northern Sweden Dalarna there is a place where the landscape is formed in such a crazy way that if you roll down the hill in your car, it LOOKS like you are rolling UPHILL! The scenery in your pics reminded me of this. My kids were about your kids age when we took this excursion.

gina said...

Great pics. your son with the bubble in his mouth kinda looks like A-rod

art-sweet said...


The Grand Canyon totally knocks my socks off, but not nearly as much as those kids do.