Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ready to Climb a Mountain

Last night I was scrolling through some of my more recent posts and I realized that I have not even typed the word Diabetes in a long time.

What gives? Is it because things have been going so well?

No, my BG’s have been terrible lately. I have been both high and low but not a lot of places in between.

Is it because I have been too busy?

That is probably part of it. With all that has been going on, vacation and the gig, I have had a lot more exciting stuff to tell you all about. (in fact if you want another Feed the Five song, you may want to visit here next Tuesday).

When I get honest and real with myself I know the real reason is because I am sick of it. I am sick of hearing myself complain/whine/bitch about this disease. Sure I know I am allowed but I am tired of it.

It is one of those valleys I guess. We all have our ups and downs and I am experiencing a down right now, at least about the D. It just feels good to write about other stuff. Stuff that attempts to pull me out of this valley. Stuff that brings me great joy. Not trouble, stress, and worry. I hate Diabetes. I do not want to give it much exposure right now. Too often it takes the spot light and upstages me.

That is it!

Diabetes upstages me and I hate that.

Can you relate? I am sure you can and I would really like to hear your thoughts. I need to feel like I am not alone.

The valleys are lousy.


Carol said...

George, you are not alone in your feelings. I think one of my main coping strategies is still a form of denial. I faithfully test, enter carbs, bolus, and change sets. But resist taking the time to log, analyze trends, or make basal adjustments even when I know my control is slipping. Just don't want to give any more brain power to D.

I want to check out your tunes when I get home...some settings on our network here seem to prevent me from doing that.

Zazzy said...

I can definitely relate George. Whether it's diabetes or some other issue, I get tired of hearing myself talk about it. I'm in a "not-good" place right now. Hey, I know I'm running high. Why even bother testing?

George said...

I know it is just a phase and it is one that I will revisit I am sure. I just hate feeling so negative sometimes.

Shannon said...

I can relate in the sense that there is so much to my and my family's lives than diabetes.

I know my blog is about living with diabetes, but I think it's important for people, especially the newly diagnosed, to realize that just because you have diabetes and it takes 24/7 attention, it doesn't outshine the other things in your life.

Minnesota Nice said...

George, it is nice to read about DB, but, because we are people first, it's also great to read about other things. Like Barry says, "our illness does not define us".
Yeah, I am in a major "sick of it" mood also. Major suckage.

Bernard said...


Sorry you're going through a tough patch. Those high/low swings are a horrible vicious cycle and it's hard to break out of it.

I do think it's good to acknowledge how lousy this disease is, and just vent about it. Otherwise you'll bottle those feelings up and that won't help you.

I hope your numbers settle down soon, and that you're back to a positive outlook before long.

Anonymous said...

I am sick of it too...I love reading about the other things in your life. We all know you are diabetic and even when you don't write about it we know its there. As diabetics, we see everything through our insulin-colored glasses. Even in your non-D posts, we can imagine it in the background. I think its OK to be a dia-slacker once in a while. Sometimes its easier. We get back on that boat eventually!

gina said...

I think you are living your life the way you are supposed to, and having fun posting about other things in your life other than diabetes. hell why not! i dont want to read about how you had a high or low and hate diabetes everyday, i am nosey i want to know whats going on in your real life soap opera lol

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Boy do I relate! Have you noticed my lack of blogging on my part? What IS the point?!

Josh said...

Just remeber even your non-d friends are here for you too. If you wanna stay in the valley a bit longer I'll be there beside you to be sounding board. If you wanna climb out I'll try to bring the rope. You're such an awesome guy that helps to make everyone around you feel welcome and I want you to feel that joy that you give to others. The big d sucks but we're pullin' for you. Just remember always that you are loved.

Drea said...

Hand in there George, you are not alone! I call these valleys my "diabetes vacations" .... they happen, its life....I hope it gets easier for ya! Take care!

Scott K. Johnson said...

I feel ya G-Money!

It can be a drag sometimes how the "D" just barges into every little corner of our lives.

I very much appreciate getting to know a little more about all of my blogger buddies and what else their lives are all about.

Megan said...

George, I'm sitting right there in that valley with you. I am so freaking sick of it. I guess we just have to keep remembering that there's SO much more to life than worrying about it too much. It's hard, though.

Tom said...

You are hardly alone in these feelings. I hate every second that I lose to diabetes. It feels like it is constantly taking over my life, but hey. It could be worse, right? I just keep making myself think that at least it's taking over my life and not ending it. Stick in there George, we all know it gets better. :-)

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art-sweet said...


This disease sucks like an industrial vacuum.