Tuesday, April 17, 2007

You Tube Tuesday #16 - SUPERSIZED!!!

This is a Supersized You Tube Tuesday! Since I have been gone on vacation I thought I would post a little with the video this week.

We had a great time in New Mexico. We took a train to Albuquerque and honestly, it was very relaxing. I thought it was going to be torture but it was not at all! It was nice to be able to walk around and stretch. It was a fun adventure just getting there. The kids really liked it too.

When we got to Albuquerque it was raining a bit. My sister and her husband picked us up about 10 minutes after we got there. Here is a picture of the kids at the train station.

I promise I will post more pictures and stuff about our week because we saw a lot of cool stuff but now I want to show you the video I tried to post last week but could not.

My son George and my youngest Niece Samantha decided to entertain us before they went off to bed. It was the first night of our vacation and was a good indicator on how the rest of the week would be. You can hear me laughing through most of this and laughing is pretty much all I did on this vacation.

What a great time!



Kerri said...

Your little niece is adorable! And your son is so handsome!

Great video - excellent moves. I'm doing my best to practice them in my office at work. Consider the rug CUT. :)

Sara said...

Check out my blog - I posted a cat video I made in honor of you. My first youtube video! :)

Shannon said...

Awesome beatbox!

Nothing like a train ride. It IS an awesome way to travel....very much under rated.

Your kids are beautiful.

Gina said...

ok well, i think i have some competition

Scott K. Johnson said...

That was awesome man!

I have a permanent smile on my face! They were having so much fun!!

caramaena said...

Oh they are so cute!