Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Home A1C Test - Results

So a few weeks ago I posted about a Home A1C test that I got my hands on. I needed to get my lab work done so I thought it would be a good time to test this Test out!

The home test I had is from Flexsite Diagnostics. I do not know a thing about this company except that their website made me think that Time Magazine called their test the "Gold Standard" until I realized that the quote was about just any A1C test. Sneaky!

Anyhow, many of you commented on the Home A1C and Minnesota Nice said that she had used this particular test compared to a lab test. Her results, "Clinic test said 6.8, mail in said 8.2!"


And the moment you have all been waiting for... My Results.

Lab Test - 7.7

Home Test - 8.8

I am not too happy about the 7.7 but I guess it could have been 8.8! I probably would have been happier about the lab results had the home results arrived first but they did not.

My thoughts? Well, for a test that costs 20 dollars, takes longer then a lab to get the results back to you, and is so inacurate I would probably not recommend. I thought "well, maybe if it was a little off" but to me, that is a big difference.

Now to work on lowering my A1C. Do I do that before I get over this depression? After I lose weight? During my newly surfaced craving for nicotine?

I should just go back to bed.


Sara said...

Consider a 7.7 is an avg BG of 197 and an 8.8 is an avg of 236 - um yeah, I would say that is too big of a difference!

Sorry you are having a bummer time. Remember though - you are a ninja, and ninjas can beat anything!

GINA said...

George. I am in the middle of trying to lower my A1c myself. Stay tuned on my blog to find out how I will be doing even more to lower it and get my blood sugars under better control. HOpefully what i will be doing will benefit our whole community.


Scott K. Johnson said...

That is a big difference. I wonder how it can be that far off and still be in business?

And dude, the depression, urges, and BG's are all intertwined. Work it out and they will all fall into line.

Damn Gina, now I'm on the edge of my seat hoping you reveal the "recipe" we are all searching for...

Scott K. Johnson said...

Oh yeah - I think a 7.7 A1C is great. What did it used to be a few years ago for you? See - it's all relative man.

You've come a long way man. Big kudos to you for taking charge.

Vivian said...

Everything in life is peaks and valleys. Joy is on it's way, my friend. You are always in my prayers. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help. Big Hugs!!

Minnesota Nice said...

Well, George, I guess I've got all the facts I need about the home test - we both used the same kit, and both had about a 1 point increase with the home test. Actually, I guess out of curiosity I'd like to try it a couple of times more, but, I'm not going to shell out the # for inaccurate information. You'd think these things would be regulated for accuracy by the FDA or something. What a joke.

I don't think 7.7 is bad either. I'd call it "reasonable" - you are still doing a good job or else it'd be a lot higher.

Lots of funky moods in the OC lately. Better days will come.

Scott said...

While these sound like a good idea, at least one study published last year in a major medical/scientific journal called attention to the accuracy of these tests.

There is another option, and that is that some endocrinologists can process the results of your A1C in the doctor's office while you're there, but only a handful offer this service. This was documented in James Hirsch's book "Cheating Destiny" as well as noted on the Close Concerns blog.

Drea said...

I can not believe the difference between the two tests!! I think I will leave it up to the lab :)

Molly said...

As the dog training staff where I got Dixie used to always say "Slow is fast." I've taken that to mean that everything is a process and even if drastic changes aren't happening, things are still moving in the right direction.
I would have freaked to see that difference and chucked the test out the window. As Sara said "too big of a difference." Thanks for sharing that news with us so OC folks know how differently those tests measure.

..M.. said...

Yikes, definitely too big a difference! And a long wait, too... doesn't sound like it's worth using them again. Until I saw your results I was feeling jealous that we didn't have a service like that here in NZ! No longer!