Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A New Pain

Last night I noticed that my feet were feeling very strange. I have had neuropathy for several years and since I have quit smoking the burning pains have lessened their visits. But this is new.

It is more then the burning pain and the numbness. My feet hurt. Bad.

It is almost unbearable.

Eyes closed. Teeth grinding together. Holding my breath. Trying to choke back a moan of pain.

My fellow employees just walk on by. I think they are used to me being a mess and so I am ignored. Not a bad thing since I do not want to talk about it.

Dammit it hurts.

It feels like my foot is broken but I have never had a broken bone so I can only guess what that pain would feel like. It is not my toes it is my foot.

I cannot even think. I can hardly think of what I am typing.

I just squeezed a tear out with that last surge of pain.

I have an endo appointment tomorrow. Even though he sucks maybe he can get me a referral to a podiatrist stat.

I’ll let you know what he says tomorrow evening.



Michko said...

Oh, George! That's terrible. I hope you get the help you need.

Major Bedhead said...

Oh man. I hope it's nothing diabetes related.

My mother has plantar fascitis (sp?) and it's incredibly painful unless she wears orthotics in her shoes. Could it be that?

Keep us updated.

Carol said...

Ouch! That sounds really painful. I sure hope you find some relief soon.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Oh man G-Money! I hope you can get some relief from the pain soon!

And don't you just settle for it if your endo doesn't send you off to a podiatrist - take matters into your own hands!

Bernard said...


Yowch, that hurts. I hope you can quick relief man.

Maybe it's...datig

the captcha word for this reply.

Seriously, feel better soon George.

Bernard said...


I did some looking around.

Did you look at the sole of your foot? Could it be this?


George said...

OMG, Bernard! ROFLMAO!!!!!!

I am actually crying now from laughter and love for the OC! Thanks man, i do not know how I would get through crap like this with out you all.


Scott said...

Good luck, and keep us posted!