Friday, June 22, 2007

13 years ago...

After 14 hours of labor my wife gave birth to our son George Daniel.

When he was born I truly feel like life began. My life that is. Everything before that seems so pointless.

I remember the moment he was born I exploded into tears and hugged my wife. I was so happy I could hardly stand it. Then the doctor said, "It's a boy!"

What? A BOY!

I forgot that we were waiting to find out if we were having a son or daughter. At that time, it did not matter at all. All we wanted was to meet our first child.

It is weird to say but I would have never thought that I could love someone that I had just met. I instantly knew that I would die for this child. He comes first now. Everything I will ever do, I will keep him in mind and his well being. I will give up everything for my child.

And I was fine with that. It was OK. It was perfect.

I know that is not really the case but everything EVERYTHING changes when you become a parent. And from where I stand it has been all for the better.

Sure we struggle. Sure we worry. Sure we screw up as parents but all of these ups and downs are worth it because every lesson only strengthens my children for when they go out and live in the real world.

I called George this morning to wish him a happy birthday. He told me that his little sister made him breakfast in bed.

He said, "She woke me up early because she wanted to surprise me. It was cute."

I am a lucky guy. My kids are awesome.

Happy Birthday Son.


Chrissie in Belgium said...

George, I am reading again - blogs that is! You are so right about kids. What is that makes us love them from the first second without knowing a thing about them..... And that love just never diminishes. And isn't it funny how love isn't a set quantify but grows as you get more kids. And no matter how different your children are, you still love each o them. Kids grow up and HAVE to separate from their parents to become full "adults" themelves. Parents also need to separate from their kids, although in a different way. The question is who has a harder time dealing with this - the kid or the parent. The most important thing is to suck up the good moments and really enjoy them. Be aware of them - JUST as you are doing, just as you express in this entry. About your last post - stop being so hard on yourself. You say you wanted to wallow in you self-pity. Maybe not, maybe you just couldn't fake being unable to respond in a cheerful manner. And who wants to spread gloom. And sometimes just taking a break helps, it put things in perspective.

Kassie said...

Happy Birthday George Daniel - and happy day you became a dad, George!

Minnesota Nice said...

He is a very special old soul.
Happy Birthday a day late, George!

Shannon said...

Ahhh....he's a bonfide teenager now! But he'll make a fine upstanding teenager :)

Happy Birthday!

Major Bedhead said...

Happy birthday, George!

O turns 13 in September. You'll have to tell me if it's as angst-laden as I'm fearing.