Wednesday, August 22, 2007

2 Very Important Things To Tell You

First off. Today is August 22nd. (at least when I posted this it is)

And August 22nd is Brother and Sister day!

My kids and I would like to encourage all of you to get together or call your sibling(s) or even friends that are like siblings today.

I thought I heard them planning on making a movie or something today. We shall see.


Would you like to go to a conference focused on Adults with Type 1? What if you could help decide what content is included at this brand new conference? What if you could come up with a name for the conference and win cool prizes trying?

Well then you should head over to Allison's blog to read more about it and fill out a little survey. I am already excited about attending!


Shannon said...

The Brother Sister Day is a pretty elaborate idea for two kids (SIBLINGS for crying out loud) to have invented. And for them to be brother and sister and come to agreement and have fun. I am incredibly impressed. Wow.

Minnesota Nice said...

George, I remember you posting last year about brother & sister day. Your kids are getting cuter by the minute.
Growing up, I did not really get along with my siblings and it's only been in about the last ten years that we have all worked really hard at mending the fence. And I can say that things are better, much better.
Family is important. Family is our anchor. Family is our first source of love.

lisajem said...

I MISS YOUR KIDS!!!! cant wait for them to come home!!