Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Breatheaversary

That is correct. It has been one year since I quit smoking.

I know people say “If I can do it then anyone can,” but I do not believe that is the case. I do not think I could have done it just because someone else has. Sure, I know people that overcame the addiction and they were a major source of inspiration but if all I had was inspiration, I would never have made it this far.

I don’t think I did it all alone. I think each and everyone who was rooting for me helped. All of you that read this silly little blog and leave me words of encouragement helped me to stay focused all year long. At the end of the day it is me alone looking at my 10 little piggies and patting myself on the back for making it another day smoke free but it is all of you that are in my thoughts all day long and that kept me going.

So it took me a year to quit smoking and now I am on track to lose some major poundage. I may have finally figured out that I have to focus on one change at a time. Trying to do it all at once does not work for someone like me.

I just want to thank you for reading my words and for supporting me either through comments or just silently rooting for me. Your support has not and will not go unnoticed.

Am I out of the water? I truly think so. I cannot imagine myself smoking ever again. I have never thought that before now but the fact is undeniable.

I am a non-smoker.


Penny said...

Happy breathaverasry!!!!

Has it really been a year? I remember when you started. You have done such an awesome job.

I am in awe of you. Look how much you've changed in such a short amount of time. You became a reformed diabetic, a non-smoker, and now, you're on your way to becoming Rico Suave.

Really, you're doing an awesome job.

Nicole P said...

God - I remember when you started too, G-man.

Congratulations. All of these changes in your life over the past year and a bit are hugely challenging - and you've met each obstacle with a determination that you should be incredibly proud of!

You really are a Ninja. No jive.

Shannon said...

It's been a year already? wasn't so hard to quit, right? J/K.

Congrats on your one year breathaversary!

Sara said...

Wow! It's been a year. I better go look when I started blogging because I remember reading that you were quitting!


Christine-Megan said...

Congrats on a job well done George- I'm so proud of you!

mel said...

Unreal, George!! I can't believe it's been a year either! This is great!!! Congrats! (That's a lot of exclamation points.)

Minnesota Nice said...

Oh c'mon - it's only been two or three months, right? Does that mean that I'm another year older and my face is sagging further down (guess so).
Yes, my dear, you are a non-smoker. Let that put a smile on your face each and every day.
Build on the victories!! Rah rah.

Sandra said...

As one of those silent rooters....I salute you! Happy Breatheaversary!!!!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Wow G-Money! Way to go!

Rachel... said...


Hannah said...

Hi-fives, Ninja!!

Major congratulations to you. :)

lisajem said...

Congrats! love you :-)

caramaena said...

'grats George :)

Chrissie in Belgium said...

George, you are great! That you have suceeded is so great and that you have moved on to another challenge - the poundage - is also great. And when you suceed with one thing, this makes it easier to go on to the next challenge. Why? because you like yourself a little bit more. That is a nice feeling. You must be so proud of your self! HURRAH for GREAT GEORGE!

Melissa said...

Congrats. When it comes to diabetes, it's all about how to make our life better and healthier. You went above and beyond and I can tell how proud you are. I've been living off of a book for the past few years to help me improve my life, It has helped tremendously, but I always get so uplifted when I read other people's success's in life as well.