Monday, August 20, 2007

No Weight Update - Hey that rhymes!

I was working at the Western Foodservice Food Expo this weekend so I was not able to make my Weight Watchers meeting. My scale at home says I am still losing but we will wait for the official count next Saturday.

The Western Foodservice Expo is always filled with awesome food. Every aisle you walk down is filled with people holding trays filled with bite size goodness. And I swear the frilly toothpicks look almost proud to have “run through” a piece of sausage or fried cheese. Pastries and Desserts are pretty much around every corner and then there is all of the frozen smoothie drinks and even some booze! It is always a major tummy ache in the making and I never EVER stop myself from indulging.

Until this year

I ate nothing on the floor. I had one Diet Pepsi and that was it. All day and no snacks. I did go to the food court for lunch and had a Chicken Cesar Salad with Low Fat Dressing which I did not finish but that was it.

People usually think you are crazy for PAYING for food instead of filling up on free samples at the show.

How do they not see that they pay a lot more then I did?

Sometimes money is the safest way to pay.


Shannon said...

Good job resisting all of that yummy food. I would've been flipping madly through my points book to see which foods I could get away with eating, LOL.

I can't wait to see your official weight loss after your next weigh in.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Great post G-Money! You're starting to ride that snowball of positive momentum now!!

Minnesota Nice said...

George, my 'puter has been down for 10 days and I was sooooooo ticked that I could not congratulate you on your scale reading last week.
You are on a roll, my friend. Each little victory will build on the next (yeah, and I've got the Minnesota State Fair coming up - no deep fried pickle on a stick for me!)

Nicole P said...

Wow, G!!! So impressed - so pleased for you. I too am anxious for your official weigh in... :D

Nicole P said...

MN - How about a deep fried twinkie? They sound better than they actually are... :)

George said...

You guys are the best! Thanks for all your encouragement!

Shannon - I cannot wait either!

Scott - That is a really good point. I am WAY more positive in general these days.

MN - V I C T O R Y! I am gonna keep chugging along!

Nicole - I cannot wait either! ;)

I heard that at the Orange County Fair, the newest deep fried treat was (get ready for this) a Fried Chicken Sandwich with Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Donuts as the buns.

That is flippin wrong.

Minnesota Nice said...

I just saw on the news that one of the tv stations was having a contest - all of the deep-fried food on a stick stands were giving out an official stamp on a card. If you collected all 12 of them then you'd get some type of prize (maybe a designer barf bag).

Shannon said...

I read a blog yesterday that posted pics of a stand selling deep fried Pepsi.

Now how the HELL do you deep fry Pepsi is what I want to know.

Bernard said...


That must have been really hard at times. Good for you to keep away from the food pushers.

I can't wait to hear how you're doing this weekend.

Scott said...

I'm sure you're official weigh-in will be good news if you resisted the temptations at an event that practically forces you to eat! Congratulations in advance.