Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Over One Hurdle

Last night me and a couple of my buddies met up to play Racquetball. I have taken to playing at least once a week but sometimes twice. If there was a court closer to my house I know I would play more but unfortunately there is not. But last night we played for 90 minutes. Now I know that is not an entirely long time but for my large derriere it is quite the accomplishment.

Monday I played Disc Golf with my son and a friend. Although not as aerobic as Racquetball I still end up with a sweat filled shirt and out of breath at times. The park we play at is full of hills and the course goes up and down and up and… well you get the picture. It is about 2 hours usually and always a good time. I love it.

I find that I am always thinking about Racquetball or Disc Golf. I could play either one every night if life allowed. The great thing is that my wife always gives me the green light to go. She knows that when you find any exercise that you enjoy, you should stick with it. That is a major hurdle for some people. Finding exercise they enjoy.

I know it is not the conventional type of exercise but I will actually do this. Willingly.

That is a nice hurdle to overcome.


Shannon said...

90 minutes is a long time to play racquetball, isn't it??

As long as you keep your heartrate up, then any kind of exercise is great!! And it's even better if you do something fun, like you're doing now.

Kassie said...

regardless of derriere size, 90 minutes is great! Kudos to you!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Finding exercise that you ENJOY is a very key factor in whether you will continue to exercise.

Sounds like you've got a couple of really good ways to get moving!


Bernard said...


Good for you. Exercise is much easier when you do it with others, especially with your son.

I've not heard about Disc Golf, I'll have to check it out.

I love racquetball, even though I'm not very good at it. I need to find someone to play against, it's such a blast.

Keep it up man.