Sunday, September 30, 2007

My "Word In Your Hand" entry.

I have taken a long time to send in my “Word In You Hand” entry. Many of you who know me know that it takes me about 1000 tries doing something until I am satisfied with it. The funny thing is it is never about perfection but “perfection” to me.

Not the normal perfect that is for sure. But, in my head there is an image and it takes a while for the rest of my brain to find it. Once I do then I will run with it.

Okay enough about my craziness. Here is some serious info about the project taken right from the website so as to not mess it up.

Leading up to World Diabetes Day (Nov. 14), we are preparing a project called "Word In Your Hand.” It's VERY EASY to participate.

1) Write a word in your hand describing how you feel about diabetes.
2) Take a photo, showing the hand with the word.
3) Post it to the photos section of

If you don’t know about TuDiabetes then you should definitely click there after you read this. (Sorry Manny but when they get to your site they will never come back to see me! LOL)

So friends here is my entry and keep in mind, this is just because most of my life with the “D” made me feel this way more then anything.

I could not resist and decided to make another one just because, the first was a “then” and this is a “NOW!!!”



Jonah said...

I was about to post the same thing!

Scott K. Johnson said...

I LOVE it!! That rocks G-Money!

I see a new avatar image coming together... :-)

Michko said...

OMG you are too silly!

Jen said...

That's awesome!

type1emt said...

great one!

..M.. said...

RAWR lol very cool :)

Amylia said...

Love the Ninjabetic (and the alone, which captures the feeling sometimes, too).

I just posted mine.

Sue said...

That's awesome!!!