Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Calling in the Troops

I posted about this on Blogabetes and TuDiabetes and I received some feedback..


I am calling on my faithful readers. This Saturday is the ADA walk Team Beat the Bete is doing and I really want to put one sentence statements on our shirts. Either advice for PWD's or misconceptions that people may have about diabetes. I just want to do even more as we walk.

So far this is all I have:

Insulin is not a cure.
There is no such thing as "good" diabetes.
Test. Don't guess.

That's it. Sorry Scott (and Zazzy), the one you suggested may be a touch too PG13 for the team! LOL

So far we have 10 people walking so I really need some help!



Amylia said...

I Like "Insulin is not a cure."

Michelle said...

how about "YES I can eat that!"

Sara said...


Michelle took mine! Except it was going to be - Yes, I can eat that I just don't want to!

What about:
No, it's not a pager!
Diabetes - not your grandpa's disease anymore.

Seriously, my word verification was eubzvhvk - wouldn't like 3 or 4 letters do the same thing?!

MicheleSD said...

Hi George,

I'm usually a lurker - but had to jump in here. I have two suggestions.
1) How about something on World Diabetes Day at the bottom. and
2) Diabetes - it's not for wimps!

Lastly - just a quick note to say your WW experience inspired me - and I'm down 7.6 as of yesterday. Yeah! Thanks for the push in the right direction.

San Diego

George said...

Those are all great. Keep 'um coming!

Michelesd - thanks for coming out of the shadows! I love the idea of mentioning World Diabetes Day! I will definately do that.

PS- I am so happy my WW experience has helped. Now lets both hope for a good weigh in this week. I have not had time to exercise at all so I am a little concerned.

Jonah said...

I love e. coli.
(because that's who makes my insulin)

Lea said...

How about,

"Insulin: my life support."

"Pump pimp"

"To bolus, or not to bolus? That is the question?"

Shannon said...

My suggestions are:

I don't have a touch of the sugar.

Walking to cure diabetes one step at a time.

Bernard said...

I have a t-shirt at home that I like with the slogan:

"Diabetes - the thinking person's disease"

You might find other examples in the comments to my blog post about Diabetes Attitude. One from that list that I liked was

"Diabetes is a blood sport"

Good luck on the walk. I hope you have a blast.

Shannon said...

Here's another:

I'm walking for a cure and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Sorry G-Money - that's the best I got right now. And the fact I didn't come up with it myself (Zazzy rocks) makes it even worse.

If I think of anything a little more "G" rated, I'll let you know.