Saturday, October 06, 2007

Weight Watchers - Update

I gained 1.8 lbs.
Dammit dammit dammit
I am so mad.

Total weight loss 17.8.

My belt is still on that tighter notch so I am confused.

Oh well, on to next week right?

yeah. right. :|


Shannon said...

Don't get discouraged. There IS always next week. I spent a year on weight watchers losing 30 pounds. Some weeks I gained, some I lost, others I stayed the same. But no matter what, I stuck with it and it eventually came off.

If you give up, where will it put you? Right back up where you started.

Chrissie in Belgium said...

George it is the long run that counts, not whether it goes up one particular week. Compare to where you started. Water retention can also play a deceptive role.

AmyT said...

OK, so between my home scale and the one at my endo's and the one at my general practitioner's office there is like an 8-pound difference! What the heck?! If your belt is tighter, I say you're doing great.

Minnesota Nice said...

George - I am a WW Veteran from before they even had the points system and insisted that you eat liver once a week!
I know that you are aching to reach that 20 lb mark.
But, this is how it goes. The journey (learning new eating habits, etc) is the reward.
Sometimes even eating a high sodium meal the day before will do this.
Who know. Stay the course.

Allison said...

Remember, muscle weighs more than fat! Maybe you gained some muscle, eh??

bethany said...

i'm with allison on this one. muscle weighs more than fat. either way ... it's awesome how much you've lost so far!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Yeah man - muscle mass or water weight. That's what I say.

If you weigh yourself every day you will see major ups and downs. If you chart those on a graph, you'll notice the overall trend is down. It's that trend that matters, not the individual days.

Stick with it.

Allison said...

"If you weigh yourself every day you will see major ups and downs. If you chart those on a graph, you'll notice the overall trend is down. It's that trend that matters, not the individual days."

You know, if you took out the word "weigh" from this, you could almost be talking about living with diabetes! Hmmm... something to think about.

Donna said...

I understand your discouragement, George. I gained a little weight last week, too. But maybe everyone gained weight last week & they just don't know it yet. LOL!

But if you're clothes are fitting better, that's the important thing!

I really think it's the muscle weighs more than fat thing. Don't give up!

Nicole P said...

G - You must be becoming a muscular ninja... ;)

I know that even though I've only lost about 20lbs, I've lost 3 clothing sizes... And that matters more to me than the # on the scale...

Muscular ninjas unite!

Amylia said...

The fit of your clothes is very telling. Screw the scale, man! It's eeeeeeeeevil! Just like the big D--it's the overall trend and I love the quote, "It is not where you stand, but in what direction you are moving."

You rock, Ninja!

George said...

Shannon - Good point. I will not give up!

Chrissie - Can we make it a long brisk walk? LOL just kidding and you are right.

amyt - that is a good point too, that always drives me nuts!

MN - Liver?!? I would have quit immediately. I will stay on the journey.

Allison - I am getting to be a strong ninja! I hope that is it!

bethany - Thanks for the kind words. I am trying!

Scott - The trend looks like my bank account to that must be good.

Donna - This is important to remember. Being healthy and making healthy changes is the important part. And I feel I am doing that! Thanks for the refocus!

Nicole - Muscular Ninjas Unite! I cracked up about that so hard. I am gonna need bigger logs to smash with my Ninja chop!

amylia - that is quote has made it to my post-it wall of inspiration! so important.

Bad Decision Maker said...

yes, it is probably muscle! listen to your body/clothes, not the scale.

i'm not really trying to lose weight, but have been exercising tons. last time i went to the dr. she was like, wow! you look like you lost a lot of weight! and i was like, uh, i don't think so. she didn't believe me until i stepped on the scale and had lost 1 pound in the last 4 months. I freaking love muscles!!!!!!!

Albert said...

if only there was a way to measure exactly how much weight in fat we lose and how much muscle we gain.

I just read an article in a D magazine about 'the biggest loser' show where the winner had type 2 and lost over 200 pounds on that show. The guy ended up looking more like his trainer than his former self.

How's that for some inspiration.