Tuesday, October 16, 2007

You Tube Tuesday #42

This week’s clip is a favorite around the Simmons house. We must have watched this thing a hundred times or so.

It’s a clip of Gwen Verdon (and her dynamic dance duo) performing a dance called “Mexican Breakfast” on the Ed Sullivan show. I am not sure who wrote the original music BUT someone decided to mash up this video with a new sound track. It is so great how even though the music was so different, it works pretty good and is very entertaining.

I hope you like it!



Shannon said...

The woman in the middle is my mom.

Scott said...

Have to love those 70's outfits ... makes me think of Grimace all over again!

Colleen said...

You find the greatest videos! Thanks!

Amylia said...

hah. Too funny. BTW, just read Kerri's post about you over on her blog.

You're not only a ninjabetic, you're a SUPERSTAR. And apparently, a pretty cool guy. Glad you had a chance to meet.

Jamie said...

That is very cool LOL - weird how the music goes with the moves perfectly.

Wow, the 70's ... those outfits ... yeesh.

Annie said...

I'm so late in posting this BUT think of how ahead of the game you are, George. This video is the inspiration behind the Beyonce "Put a Ring On It" video. You are awesome!!