Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Old Switcheroo

I cannot iron. I have tried and tried over the years and all I seem to do is iron in more wrinkles. The only successful ironing runs I have ever had have taken about 15 minutes for one article of clothing. Not nearly enough time for me to do my entire outfit in the morning as well as shave, shower, check my BG, pack up and hit the road.

My wife always irons my stuff for me and literally lays out an outfit for me. Another issue I have is the inability to match clothing in the early morning. I do well with weekend clothes but work clothes? Forget it! Someone really needs to come out with a line of Grranimals for adults. I would change my entire wardrobe.

Anyhow I get home yesterday after a long day at work and decide to change into something more comfortable, like shorts and a t-shirt when my wife says, “How did the pants work out?”

“Um, they did not fail me (I say jokingly). What do you mean?”

“Well,” she says in a strange voice, “I accidentally grabbed one of your other [read: pre-fat ass] pants and just hoped they would work. I didn’t have time to iron another after I noticed.”

“Woah.” (and not like that Joey Lawence “Blossom” woah) “That is pretty freaking cool. I had no idea. Very cool!”

Scales are one thing and it is nice to see the numbers steadily heading downward but stuff like this is a way better pay off!


Vivian said...

That is awesome! Congrats. Oh and I think it is worthy of a Joey Whoa. lol I love the idea of the garanimals for adults.

Zazzy said...

A most excellent pay off! Good for you George :)

Grrranimals for adults? Good idea. You make me remember my father who would dress for work in three different types of plaid and a striped tie. I think you have something there!

Michelle said...

I'm still laughing thinking about what sort of tags garanimals for adults would have. Coffee Cups? Beer Bottles? Fast Cars? "Honey, I can't find my starbuck pants!" "Silly, they're right next to your Corvette Pants!"

Kerri. said...

Good for you, SuperG. :) Hooray for the switcheroo!

And Michelle's comment had me laughing so hard I almost fell off my chair. :D

Scott K. Johnson said...

Wow G-Money! I bet you're flying on cloud 9 right now! Sah-weet!

I laughed at your line “Um, they did not fail me (I say jokingly). What do you mean?” --that was fantastic!

David B. said...

Here's what I do:

wash the button shirts separately
two cups of liquid starch during the rinse cycle
four minutes in the dryer to activate the starch
dry on the hanger

Not quite ironing, but good enough for me.