Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hanging Out With Sara and Friends

On Friday night I spent my evening hanging out with one of the OC's very own.

Sara from Moments of Wonderful!

My family and some of my very good friends got together for food fun and fellowship. We ate yummy food and played a sweet board game. It was a great night. I laughed a lot as did everyone except maybe f0r Cece the Dog who seemed not really into the crowd thing.

We talked about Diabetes, our blogging friends, our favorite blogs to read, our pumps, and so much more. We chatted about all sorts of stuff and like I said, I laughed the whole night through.

I can't wait until summer when she comes back out and we can hang again. It was a fantastic evening.


Nicole P said...

George - You guys are SO cute - and you LOOK great! Happy New Year! - Nicole

momentsofwonderful said...

Yea! That was so fun! Both Marisa and I left talking about how much fun we had.

CeCe, though, was not so much a fan of us being there!

P.S. My word verification is catzmr :D

Chris said...

Sounds like a great night. That is one thing I am really missing out on. I am not fortunate enough to have anyone in my area to get together and just kick back and chat about Diabetes, blogging and all that good stuff. You are lucky to have people to get together with and share with.

Happy holidays.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Very freakin' cool man!

Amylia said...

great photos!

Happy New Year, G'man!