Saturday, December 22, 2007

Weight Watchers Update

Loss - 5.0

Total Lost - 36.6

Wow! And I had a Christmas Party and a Holiday Luncheon this week! Now on to another party and Christmas week. I do not know if next week will be as good but I am gonna try my best.


landileigh said...

we're gonna have us a skinny ninja for the new year!

k2 said...

Ninjabetic -
Congrats on the LBs lost - your quite the inspiration!

New to your blog and new to the blogging world in general. Am learning a lot and will continue to checkout your blog daily.

Merry Christmas!
Kelly K

Anonymous said...


Five pounds during the holidays?!?! A Christmas miracle!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Holy crap G-Money! 5 pounds!? During the holidays (Like Sarah said)!!!

Way to go man! You are an inspiration!

And just because I haven't used enough exclamation points yet...


Bernard said...


You're inspiring. Good for you. I know it must be a lot of hard work, but you seem to be succeeding at it.

I hope the new year is even better for you.