Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Full Tank

Is it just me or do you feel like you can take on the world when you have a battery and a set change on the same day? Of course this is an insulin pumpers question but if not I am sure you can relate.

Doesn’t your car feel like it runs better when the tank is full? Doesn’t the first glass of milk from a new gallon taste the best? Well for some reason when I look at my pump screen and see a full reservoir and a full battery indicator I feel like I can take on any carb you can throw at me!

It was actually an eventful morning because of all this crap but I wrote that story on Blogabetes post. You can check that out there if you want. The link on the right will get you to it easily.

In fact, I want to mention something about Blogabetes. Although I write on that site, I hope none of you think I will stop or write less here because of dLife. That is not the case. I would never have been considered for that project had it not been for The B.A.D. blog and all of you!

Plus, I cannot drop an “F-Bomb” there but I can here! HA HA!


Sara said...

Hey, I just did the double fill yesterday!

Although my status screen only says MiniMed (curse the 512).

Amylia said...

Aw, it's been a long while since you've dropped the F-Bomb!

Yikes--you had a rough morning, but you made it through.
I do think it's a good feeling to be on full with batteries, insulin, supplies and yes, the gas tank, too!

:) We love ya!

Shannon said...

Fuck. It's nice to leave an f-bomb in the comment section.

I love when Brendon's set is changed, and he's showered. I can relax and feel refreshed. I know what you're talking about even thought I'm not on the pump. It's the process of everything being new and replenished that feels good.

I filled my gas tank yesterday too and feel like I can drive to anywhere in the United States without having the nagging feeling that my tank is running low.

Donna said...

I went over to blogabetes to read the whole story. What is with these batteries lately? Mine died while I was at work last Friday. What a nightmare! No one at work (including me) had AAAs - only AAs. Ahhh!

Glad you survived the whole ordeal. Oh, I just couldn't change my set without the inserter either. That just creeps me out!

MileMasterSarah said...

I called my insurance company in December (before my coverage even began) to talk over their benefits. I then called again in January. This, however, I did for my own information. Minimed will do the legwork for you until they receive a denial. Once they receive a denial, they require cash payment until you receive a letter from them stating approval that you can provide to Minimend. They were willing to do the legwork for me twice, because my insurance changed.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Plenty of whammy's to deal with - too many!

I would have done the same thing and left the site in too.

I TOTALLY feel sweet when I've got a full gas tank. And why is it that the last half of the tank never lasts as long as the first half?

And speaking of gas, I think I need to upgrade to one of those hybrids. You know. Like the Flinstones had.