Friday, January 11, 2008

This is the Last Time

Honestly. I am going out of town so I cannot go to weigh in tomorrow. I have been good about counting my points and exercising when I can.

Two weeks ago I was enjoying a morning filled with sleep as my gift for the year end. Then last weekend I was so sick all I did was sleep. And now there is this week.

We are off to Laughlin Nevada to enjoy our final Christmas Party of the season. My mother was not able to join us for our Christmas gift exchange so we decided to do it in Laughlin. My sister, her family, and my mom drove in from New Mexico and we are all heading out there as soon as we get off of work. I am so excited to see the family but I am especially excited about seeing the Craps table.

Oh how I missed the little dice and pretty colored chips. I love craps. I find most people think craps is too confusing which is a bummer because it is so much fun.

Anyhow, next week I will have a Weight Watcher update and we can see how I did after the holidays and without weighing in for so long. Have a great weekend!


Kerri. said...

Have fun, SuperG. :)

(And reading "craps" made me laugh, even though I know it's a game. Am I immature?)

Shannon said...

Like Kerri, I laughed at "craps". I love that you can say it and it's not a swear word. I want to play craps and yell CRAPS! I'll bet you love that game because of the name.

Have fun.

George said...

No, it is funny. I remember I was scared to say it in front of my mom when I was little becuase I thought it was a bad word! LOL

Amylia said...

have fun, g-man.

enjoy the craps! :)

landileigh said...

i love craps too! i have to have them get me a stool to stand on cuz i can't reach over the table. i could stay there all night.

Sara said...

It was a bad word in my house! Don't let my mom hear that you play!