Saturday, January 19, 2008

Weight Watchers Update - Finally!!

The last time I weighed in at the old WW was the Saturday before Christmas. The meeting leader thought I quit which was not the case at all although, the scale probably thought the same thing.

Gain - 7.0 lbs

total lost - 29.0 lbs

Wow! I beat myself up all the way home. I was so angry but at the same time, I knew it. I have been pretty much been sticking to my low point breakfast and lunch BUT my dinners have been "double OC" (out of control) and I have become an unstoppable "Snackster"{ in the evenings.

Oh did I mention that I have not exercised religious since last year! :)

I am not giving up. Mainly because a few of my O.C. friends started Weight Watchers recently and we need to stick together. I know I can get back on track. Tune in next Saturday when I lose a grip of weight.

FYI - a grip means a lot. I know, I have a strange vocabulary.


Shannon said...

I hope I lose a grip of weight on Tuesday (or in my vocabulary, it would be "a shitload of weight").

I will kick your ass. Count your points.

If I'm counting them now, you have to also.

Find some 1 point or 0 point snacks.

landileigh said...

i'm with shannon. a grip of weight is a shitload of weight.

george, are you doing your ninja training? maybe you need your exercise too!

Amylia said...

George, You are my WWBFF, so you better not quit now! You're an inspiration, and going to the meetings when you KNOW you gained takes courage. I applaud you for posting and for going, even when the news is not good!

Colleen said...

I agree with Amylia. Hang in there George!

Minnesota Nice said...

George, I am going to take your email advice and tell myself "vacation's over".
Hope this week is better. Go go go.

Scott K. Johnson said...

G-Money - as you said, you were kind of expecting it.

The holidays (and don't forget being sick...) are hard for everyone.

And you've already lost a grip of weight. Don't forget that either.

Major Bedhead said...

Twenty nine pounds isn't exactly chump change, y'know. Stop beating yourself up. Think of it this way - you lost a toddler. (Oh, if only...did I think that out loud?) You've done a great job.

Oh, and FWIW, a lot of the Progresso soups are 1 point per serving. I have a can of soup and a big ass salad for lunch every day and it fills me up for a long time.

I'm not on WW, but I'm doing Sparkpeople. I've lost 8 lbs so far (in 2 weeks), so I'm right there with you in the weight loss game. I have a lot of weight to lose, so I'm just taking it in sections, 10 or 15 lbs at a time. It's easier that way, at least for me.

Albert said...

I've used and heard grip a grip of times. It seems fairly common if you grew up in Southern Cali. maybe not so much in Hecka NorCal

Chris said...

Glad that the weight gain hasn't gotten you down or broken you down. Keep up the fight.

Amylia said...

Awesome article on dlife, George. I just read it but couldn't comment. Being on WW the rest of your life isn't the worst thing in the world, really, if it keeps you healthy. Same with insulin and all the doctor appointments and the like. It's just a fact of life and way to remain healthy.

I'm proud of you and thank you for being vocal about your struggles so we all know we are not alone.

You are my WWBFF, Ninja, and we all love you.

Andy Rhodes said...

Hello, I just found your blog off another site. I'm a 27-year-old, type 2 diabetic on a pump (and soon CGM). I'm also trying to do Weight Watchers. I know for me, losing weight is a struggle. It's good to see another GUY doing Weight Watchers. Oh, my site is

k2 said...

Don't give up U CAN DO IT