Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Zero Carb Apple

Over the weekend I went out and purchased an Apple TV. Although you may be thinking that it is a waste of money and blah blah blah, I must tell you that I think the very opposite.

We have cable TV. Cable TV that we hardly use. Cable TV that we pay about 100 bucks a month for! We watch 4 shows religiously and the rest are just channel surfing kind of stuff. So the way that I see it, Apple TV will allow us to either cut down our cable bill or remove it completely.

ITunes sells TV shows by the season so as soon as a new episode is released it is downloaded into your Apple TV. Typically the cost for a season is 25 bucks. So If I watch 6 shows (lets just say) then that’s only 150 smackaroo’s for the entire season! Not to mention great video podcasts that are free.

I currently download the Ninja Warrior, Dog Whisperer, Walt Disney World, Food Science, and a Skate boarding video podcast. They are like little TV shows and they are automatically downloaded to my Apple TV when a new episode comes out. Not to mention the great Audio podcast like Trailer Talk (shameless plug), Diggnation, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, News from Lake Wobegon, and many more! I love it.

We can also listen to my entire iTunes music library from our television which his hooked up to the good stereo unlike my computer speakers It is great to allow guests the ability of looking through my music collection on the TV instead of sitting at my desk.

And did I mention Pictures? Oh wow, our pictures look amazing on our TV. Since my camera is digital (and yours probably is too) the pictures taken look fantastic on our wide screen HDTV.

I would really suggest checking out the Keynote Address that Steve Jobs from Apple did that announced the iTunes rentals and the update for Apple TV not to mention all the other cool stuff Apple has coming out. I should also mention that we have iPods and now the apple TV but all 4 of our computers are PC’s.

I think we are going to become an Apple family soon. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

I think you'll be impressed on how easy it use most Apple prducts and I'm sure you discovered with the Apple TV ...

Shannon said...

Continue to blog posts about the TV as you use it. What you like, don't like, etc. I didn't even know Apple had this TV out!

I'll be curious to know if it's worth buying in the long run. We're the same way with watching only a few shows amongst a billion channels that we don't pay attention to.

You're so up on a Ninja.

Is there really a show called Ninja Warrior that you watch? That cracks me up, alol.

Luck said...

Shannon, Apple TV is actually not a TV. It's a device that attaches to your TV that allows you to rent/purchase movies and TV shows, view online photos, play music all from the comfort of your couch.

Also, if you need more information about Apple TV, you can always visit my site at

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, come to the dark side.

k2 said...

I'm so jealous dude! I love apple and would be lost with out my MAC.

Ninja Warrior? I'm goggling it!

Thanks for the info, now if only Steve Jobs would design an insulin pump/cgm - It would look so AWESOME.


Windy said...

Ooh, we are a Mac family. MacBookPro, iphone, ipods.... love me some mac. Not sold on this TV idea yet though.