Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Apple TV "Take 2"

Yesterday our Apple TV got the sweet upgrade I heard about at the Macworld event. The update that prompted me to purchase one.

I must tell you, our viewing time of “normal” TV has been almost non-existent except for the hour I devote to watching Lost. Granted, now that the strike is over the shows I miss will be returning such as The Office, 24, Heroes, and Family Guy. But other than those shows which I can purchase through iTunes I do not see a reason to pay all the money I do for cable each month.

With the “Take 2” update for the Apple TV, I can surf though thousands of video podcasts all with great content and all for FREE! It rocks. I watched cartoons last night on the Nickelodeon podcast section and a few geeky shows on the Revision 3 podcast section.

I surfed You Tube right from my couch and watched HD Movie Trailers well into the night. In fact, if you are a movie fan you may want to check out the audio Podcast that a friend and I do each week. We review movies by only watching the trailers. It makes for a funny 15 minutes. Trailer Talk is its name and we would love for you to check it out.

Getting back to ATV, tonight I hope to rent an HD movie and let you know. Did I mention that? You can rent movies now and even in High Def right from our couch! The price is not too bad at 4.99 per rental for new release HD rentals. Older flicks and regular definition movies are cheaper.

I am still not canceling the old cable box but I am definitely going to down size the thing to basic channels.

Let me know if you have any questions about it. You know me, I love to share my experiences.

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