Monday, February 11, 2008


I am a talker. Rarely do you see me not engaged in conversation. I am very open to talking about my life and my ideas. I have no problem revealing mistakes I have made as well as my successes. I have always felt that sharing my life is a good way to help others either feel like they are not alone and/or learn from my mistakes.

I am a listener. Rarely do you see me not engaged in conversation. I think it is very rewarding listening to others successes and failures. It makes me a stronger person when I hear and learn about others. It’s good to not feel alone.

My mother always tells about a time when I was 10 years old sitting on the curb with my best friend Stephanie counseling her. Her parents had split up and she felt like it was her fault. She talked about how she would have done more stuff around the house or whatever it was that made them so tired and angry all the time. Since I had already gone through a parental split I assured her that it was not her fault and that things would be okay. I still remember how she felt and remembered how I did when my parents split.

We can always learn from each other when we stay in touch and communicate. I recently enjoyed a nice long AOL instant messenger chat with my good buddy Scott. If any of you are on AOL Instant Messenger please add me to your buddy list! My screen name is Ninjabetic. I am not on all the time but if you see me, drop me a line!

If you are looking for a cool place to get together and chat with other PWD’s or I should say, people effected by Diabetes, check out Diabetes Talkfest. They have a cool chat room which I dig. In fact let me know if any of you have a free night and we can have a Ninja Night in the chat room!

That would be awesome!


Scott K. Johnson said...

Yeah man - that was nice to just kick back and chat. Even if it was IM style. One day we'll be able to do it in real life.

I agree that communication is good, and I appreciate having good friends like you to communicate with.

Thanks for being you man!

AmyT said...

Hey George,
How about Yahoo Messenger? I just spent 10 minutes trying to find you on there. Duh...

:) AmyT

bethany said...

i added you on aol. my sn is befuni so im me sometime! :-p