Friday, February 01, 2008

Drenched at Disneyland

I heard there is this big old hairy foosball game happening this Sunday but the Simmons family will be attending the happiest place on earth.

You see, any Sunday afternoon that we have open AND that the weatherman predicts rain for is a Sunday we plan to go to the “Big D.” Especially on Superbowl Sunday!

Before we had passes we were caught off guard by rain at Mouse world. Since we paid a small fortune to enter the D-Land we decided to buy some ponchos and tough it out. I have NEVER had this much fun at Mickey’s pad since.

All those people who show up to amusement parks in clothes that look like they are going out to a club (Mickey Mouse club?), parents with small children, older folks who are not there to ride rides, and many others end up leaving. Only hard core people stick around! It’s like being a kid again skipping through the rain and stomping on puddles to splash one another. I love it! And did I mention no lines for rides? Awesome!

It may be hard for you to consider doing something as silly as this but it is invigorating to be so childish for a while. My kids get a kick out of mom and dad totally having fun with them. When all of you can be kids together, it makes for a fun time.

So please, pray for rain!


Amylia said...


I went to Great America (Six Flags Amsuement Park) with my mom once during a rainstorm and we had such a blast! They eventually shut the park down and we got free passes to go back another day, which was cool. The no lines thing rocks.

I think it makes perfect sense. You remind me a bit of my own dad (but younger, much younger!!!!) I just mean your personality!

I'll be prayin' for rain!

Jillian said...

At most amusement parks don't they shut the rides down in the rain, especially coasters? I'm a coaster fanatic, so I'll only pray for a steady drizzle to scare the wimps away and give you a good day at the park!

type1emt said...

When I went to Disneyworld, it poured quite frequently(every day).It is nice, there's something about that after-the-rain smell in the air. Its like the world is fresh and new again.

Hopin' you get your rain!

Sara said...

George - we needed to be friends way before we were!

Remember when Indiana Jones opened? That line was forver long for so long!! Except - it rained like the next weekend or so, walked right on.

Jillian - I think they only close the rides if there is lightening.

Anonymous said...

We just came back from Disney (ain't it great to think of something else as the Big D for awhile??) It rained once, and it was the best day we had by far. Have a great day, and have one of those awesome churros for me.

Veronica said...

With the Chargers loss, i was thinking, okay, at least i can cheer on the Packers in the SuperBowl; alas it was not meant to be.

So as soon as the field goal was made, I said, well, I'm going to Disneyland. And yay, that's where I will be on Sunday. Can't wait. I've been to Knott's Berry Farm when it was raining, but then again, I was on crutches, so no fun. Can't wait for sunday. Rain or shine! :D

Have fun!

JB said...

Believe it or not, it's not that hard for me to imagine being insanely silly for no reason at all. Hope you enjoy it rain or shine!

Maniacally Monday said...

That was my favorite time at Disney World last time I went. It poured and everyone freaked out and left. Absolutely the best best best time.

Ladybugger14 said...

Hey George! My parents bought Micky Mouse rain poncho's at disney that they call "the magic poncho." everytime they put it on, it stops raining. Anywhere they go!

Hope you had fun!--Rebecca (from dLife)