Wednesday, February 27, 2008

How You Got Here

***A quick note. I am weighing in tomorrow because I will be a retreat this weekend. I will post my weight loss or gain and then will be heading up the mountain. And now back to your regular scheduled post.***

I was looking at the stats for the site which I do every once in a while. It's cool to see if anyone is out there in the world reading my strange ramblings.

Anyhow, here is a list of some of my favorite Keywords that brought web surfers here.

"diabetes joke"
"diabetes jokes"
"diabetic joke"
Okay, I am like a cyber comedian or something?

"Weight watchers scale" - yeah, I broke a few of those.

"bad blog" I hope this person did not think this blog was bad but B.A.D.!

"is apple trailers in HD." And yes they is. ;)

"styrofoam mission kit" Aww man and last night I glued some sweet little doves on the water feature. I will have pics next week.

AND my favorite keyword and the BEST SEARCH EVER is this...

"How to say in sign language Ninja."



Scott K. Johnson said...

That ninja in sign language one is SWEET!

Wasn't the whole jokes thing from way back when someone (Lori R.?) issued a challenge or something? Which one of us could come up with the best diabetes related joke?

Yeah, I totally didn't come up with ANY!!!

Have a great time at the retreat man - catch you when you get back!

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