Thursday, March 27, 2008

Child Dies Because Parents Only Prayed

I just found the news report on CNN of the 11 year old girl who died because her parents decided to pray instead of getting her treatment for her undiagnosed type 1 diabetes.

I have a few things I want to say about this even though it will probably not make many happy with me.

First, to everyone who believes in Christ or who considers themselves a Christian I would suggest that you pray for these people. Prayer is powerful and necessary for us. Pray for these people to find understanding about how prayer is a tool to talk to God. Pray that they will see that God’s hand is in everything including the medical profession and medicine. Even insulin. All of those who have studied the Bible or I should say the gospels, can see how Jesus healed people. He did not tell people, “Just pray and wait. That’s all.” He would heal with a touch, not prayer alone. There was something physical that happened. I do not see how medicine or doctors are against or the opposite of God or how prayer and a doctor’s visit can’t happen! Call me crazy but I do not understand that.

To all of you who practice other religions, I would say please do not think that this is the belief of most Christians. These people are not the norm. As much as I joke, cuss, laugh, and act like a dork I am still Christian. I am not perfect and would never claim to be. It is people that off the deep end that give Christians a bad name or at least, make people look at us like we are all crazy. Just please know, Master P will stay by my side until a cure or until death shall we part.

And to those who are Agnostic or Atheist I would say please do not think faith failed or that prayer is dangerous. We all have faith in something. Faith didn’t fail, these parents did. Prayer is important to us in that it provides comfort, hope, and it is our way of communicated with our God. We are not taught to pray and expect God to do the rest. We pray and act. We pray for guidance and peace. We pray for change and for the knowledge on how to create that change. We do not sit on the couch and wait for prayers to be answered. We are charged to act and work with God’s love directing us.

It is just like after the World Trade Center attack. We cannot assume that all Muslims are terrorists or are evil. I know some and they are not like that at all. As people we have to accept one another and not assume that just because one person in a group takes things the wrong way that the rest of us are on the same page.

We are not.


k2 said...

Beorge - You have a big heart and a strong faith.

Both are gifts.

I'm not against Christians or anyone who finds comfort in God.

I'm not against praying for good health, I do that all the time.

I just keep thinking that it should not have happened.

I read as many blogs in d-land written by diabetics and their parents as I can on a daily basis.

When a disease strikes you, it's one thing.
When it strikes your child, it's another.

I just keep thinking of how much that poor kid suffered, and how she didn't have to.

The whole story just....heartbreaking anyway u look at it.

Shannon said...

I just see those people as being dangerously uneducated. If they only knew the consequences of their inaction before it became too late.

I wish they knew to pray WHILE their daughter's diabetes was being managed.

What a terrible lesson to have to learn.

George said...

k2 - I agree. That poor child suffered when she did not have to. I hope those parents get charged accordingly. What they did was a crime. It is extremely heartbreaking.

Shannon - I think it is past uneducation I mean, if something is wrong, our reaction as animals is to seek help, not watch. That poor girl. I feel terrible.

Anonymous said...

This story infuriated me as a Christian and as a diabetic. I imagine 80 years ago when parents and children were down on their knees praying for something to keep their diabetic loved one alive. Along came insulin. I think that is a big answer to a prayer. I also think that I have learned so much about trusting God through my diabetes. It is the hardest thing I have EVER done, living with this disease for the last 7 years. Have I asked God to heal me? yes...and then I have taken a bolus. Not because I don't trust Him. Because right now, this is my life. I think if God chose to heal me today, I would sure as heck know it. This poor little girl is whole and healthy in heaven now. Her parents should be punished. What a horrible, and preventable way to die.

Donna said...

George - This story has touched all of D-land, it seems. I blogged about it, too. It's so sad for everyone involved. You're right; we should pray for these parents to find the understanding that God uses many means to heal. Praying is good - I do a lot of it. And these people could definitely use it.

Thanks for posting about this. I think it's made a lot of us realize how blessed we are to be getting the treatment we need for our diabetes.

Hannah said...

I think this story is so incredibly heartbreaking.

I just don't understand the Christians who think using any kind of medicine is evil. I think God wants us to live full, healthy lives, and if medicines exist, He'd want us to use them!

Carey said...

Very well said, George.

Christine-Megan said...

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Lea said...

George, ITA with your very eloquent and well thought out post. The anguish that poor kid must have suffered's hard to even fathom.
I know that the meaning of faith and God's gifts for us takes on different meaning for different people, but these people truly think their daughter died because they didn't have enough faith, and that's so sad. How does one become so misguided (IMO)?

Meghan said...

our God wants spiritual fruit, not religious nuts..

not to mention common sense.


Major Bedhead said...

Great post, George. While I am not a faithful person, I have respect for those who are. I do not, however, understand putting all your faith in God in order to heal your child, bypassing the medical profession entirely. To me, that's beyond being a Christian and borders on a psychological disorder and/or child abuse.

It horrifies me to think what that poor child had to endure.

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