Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sick Sucks

I am the coughster. The hacker. The sicky sick sicko. And I feel like crap.

I had a great weekend at the retreat and met some very cool people but I got sick. I have been coughing and hacking for two days now and I am sick of being sick.

My basal rate was adjusted to help keep my BG in control for the most part. I just want to sleep. My eyes are puffy and my nose is red from blowing it like mad.

I am a mucus monster. A Nasally ninja. A Snot Soldier.

I must be sick because I am trying to come up with other funny names for being sick.

Being sick is so draining on so many levels. It makes me want to ignore my diabetes but I know that is not an option. If anything, I find I check my BG more when I am sick since my levels get crazy high when I am sick.

How do you cope with being a Booger Burglar?

LOL – Oh man, when I laugh it hurts!


Shannon said...

My mom bought me a neti pot. I refuse to even take it out of the packaging.

Mucus grosses me out.

Anonymous said...

I am a Type I suffering, and I mean suffering, with pneumonia and a sinus infection. My BG is high (180's) and I am spilling some ketones. My Dr. doesn't seem too concerned (just inject more insulin), but I'm pretty new at this and a little worried. Any advice?
Get well soon! What's a neti pot???

George said...

My suggestion would be to monitor those ketones and drink lots and lots of water to flush that out. If you see an increase in ketones and start vomiting then you should go straight to the hospital.

A neti pot looks like a tea pot that you snort water up your nose through to clear your sinuses.

I threw a little bit just typing that! YUCK!

Lea said...

aw, feel better!

Anonymous said...

My mother used to snort a saline solution to clear her sinuses. She swore by it. I swore at it.
Thanks for the info. I am doing infitely better today already, thanks to the antibiotics, but I will drink the water and watch the ketones.

Scott K. Johnson said...

G-Money! Funny even when sick. I swear I'll be thinking of one of those names the next time any my loved ones are sick...