Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Nurse Finally Called

I finally got a call from my doctor’s nurse with my results from the blood work they did right in the office.

Last Thursday was when I called for the results and to not get a call back until today worries me. I am going to go ahead and not mark up too many strikes just yet but the conversation concerned me a tad.

“Hello Mr. Simmons. Dr. Mendez would like to schedule an appointment to go over your test results,” Tardy Nurse said.

“Oh. Okay. Well I have an appointment already scheduled for the 1st of May unless it is an urgent situation,” I ask and add a very nervous giggle which received no response from TN.

“The 1st will be fine. We will see you then.”

“Can you tell me what my A1C was?” I felt like a kid standing at his teachers desk waiting to receive back a test they KNOW they did well on.

“um… (dramatic pause). 8.2”

And there it is. I went up from my last A1C of 7.6. I am upset but I cannot let it get to me. I am on the upswing from a funk and do not want to end up feeling more crap like.

My issue with Weight Watchers is finally being figured out. Since I have switched to the core plan, my BG has been much MUCH better. Weight loss took first priority instead of my diabetes and that cannot happen.

I think I have it figured out and I know I can make this change happen. Especially with all the support for all of you.


FYI – Still no clue what the hell “bicicross” is.


Araby62 said...

Que sera, sera mi amigo. Espero que tu A1C es mas bajo muy temprano :)

Michelle said...

is it you tube Wednesday?

Maybe that will make you feel better. If nothing else, it explains both bicicross and gives you a little dance workout (cause who can resist)

Lea said...

George, you have made leaps and bounds that even a non-d person would find difficult. Losing weight while managing diabetes is no doubt hard to do, and you're handling it so well! Give yourself a pat on the back, you're doing awesome :)

I'm thinking bicicross is like BMX bike racing? or Motocross (both big in the 80's)

Anonymous said...

George will your insurance cover a dietician? They have to be familiar with Weight Watchers and maybe could set things right.

Don't be bummed - it's only a number providing information. I think it was Scott Strumello who said "the numbers tell us what to do next". (It's Mn Nice but I have to leave this as the library and something's goofed.

Donna said...

Don't worry about the number, George. It sounds like you're on the right track with WW now and that's great.

Christel said...

George -
Remember that this is ONE number in a sea of A1Cs. You have done so much over the past few months to take control of your body - and you've done a fabulous job. This is a blip. Give yourself credit for being proactive - we're rooting for you!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Dude! We're even on the same endo schedule?! My appt. is on the 2nd!! w00t!

I'm anxious as heck to find out my A1C after playing with Symlin for the past few months. So anxious that I too called to see if I could get it early. Unfortunately the results weren't there yet (just had the labs done Friday... yes, I'm really anxious!).

I think you're doing the right thing in not over analyzing the A1C right now. Think about what there were 5-10 years ago!

It's a number that is going to fluctuate a bit. Don't sweat it.