Friday, June 06, 2008

Friday Fun

I keep writing about my mood and how much better it has gotten and I should be honest with you. I am semi-faking it.

A good friend once told me that we are all hypocrites for a while when we are trying to change. As soon as we get our new attitude down then we are officially new creations. I am somewhere in the middle of that change.

So today I am trying to add as much fun I can into a work day. I have a USB powered disco ball spinning at my desk and I listen to "Beauty and the Beat" and other 80's classic albums on my PC.

After work I am meeting the guys at the park for some Disc Golf.

Then later tonight my sister is hosting a poker party at her house.

Earlier this week I lost it during a racquetball game. As soon as the adrenaline started pumping my mind started to race and think about the house and all that stuff. I got so angry that I kept hitting the ball as hard as I could.

In fact, I have to replace the one I broke. Sorry Sean. :)

Oh well, today I am going to try once again to keep this smile on and make it look real.


tmana said...

We all fake it at one time or another. It's the social pressure to appear... sociable. It's the social pressure to appear... always self-sufficient, always on top of everything, always in command...

I can only presume it's worse for men, who have the social pressure to be the family breadwinner no matter what.

I'm not going to pretend that I'm in the world's greatest mood right now, since I just got kicked in a couple of fiscal and psychological sore spots, and I'm mentally kicking myself and everything around me. I know I'm going to have to compartmentalize that for a couple of days. Once I do that, I will completely forget about it unless and until something hits me right back in that sore spot, or until I get the callback that I'm waiting for on one of those issues.

It's not a great way of coping, but we all do what we can. Not surviving is NOT an option.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Hey bro - act as if and soon as is.

Donna said...

Hang in there, George. And I ditto what Scott said.

Minnesota Nice said...

George, it's a well known motto in any 12 step group to "fake it 'til you make it" and I think it's pretty effective.
Now I don't mean going around acting all bubbly and Pollanna, but, we can still smile at people. I can still say "thank-you" to the cashier and "excuse me" when I dump my diet pepsi on a person in theater.
I'm certainly not saying that, if asked, we should lie about how we are doing. That is not good.
It's a matter of laughing when you can and crying when you have to.

Amazing, isn't it, how the physical exercise brought all of the stuff to the surface. I'd have thought it would be a distraction instead.

Have a good weekend I'll be thinking about you.

Andrea said...

Fake it till you make it- well said. You'll get there. Love you.