Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Little Goes a Long Way

“Hey Robert, how’s it going man?”

“Hey George! Man, you are looking trim!”

“Thanks. I’m trying to keep it up,” I say through a smile.

And now I float around all day on that compliment.

What a huge deal. I know I am nowhere near trim but that compliment made me feel like a skinny ninja.

In fact my Wii Fit reminds me that I am Obese on a daily basis although that is getting closer to the Overweight spot on the scale. How sad is it that I am working to be Overweight? Ha ha.

Oh well, its all about the baby steps.

My suggestion or challenge to you all is just to pay at least one person a compliment everyday. That seems easy enough and I can tell you that it goes along way. I cannot wait for racquetball tonight to exercise even more so the next time a vendor comes into the office they can say, “Dang George, I didn’t even recognize you!”


k2 said...

I'm up for the challenge G-Ninja!
By the way, you have really great attitude !

gina said...

George, you look maaaaahvalous. keep it up buddy.

Andrea said...

I want the WII!!!!! I especially wanted the wii-fit until I saw that is weighed you and told you what your "issue" was. Now I'm scared!

I'm sure you look great. I probably won't even recognize you when I see you in Sept. for the big 50 party.

Donna said...

What a good idea, George. Paying a compliment to at least one person every day is such a nice thing to do. Thanks for the challenge! You're such a thoughtful ninja!

Michelle said...

Hey thanks for spreading happy thoughts! You're always a great one to help others get outside themselves. :)

Matt Keeling said...

What a fantastic idea. Yesterday I got a couple of similar compliments. I figure whatever I was wearing was slimming. :-)

Keep up the good work and write us up another review on the Wii Fit once you have been using for a month or so. I am curious to know how you do with it.

Here's to a amazing day for the Skinny Ninja!