Thursday, June 19, 2008

Random Rant

I am not sure why I am writing this but it bothering me. Typically when stuff really bugs me, and I share it here I end up feeling better.


So, today I go into the mens room here at work and I notice a new bottle of "air freshener" sitting on the counter. On the side of the bottle I see two sugar cookies and let out an audible, "huh?"

I grab the bottle and looked for the name of this new scent. Keep in mind we had this tropical spray that smelled pretty good so I was curious what managment thought the "boys lav" should smell like.

Vanilla and Baking


I sprayed a little to check it out. It smell really good. Really REALLY good like I wanted to permanently be in its wake. Like cookies and donuts and other yummy stuff was baking all around me! It was awesome.

But then it hit me. Why? Why would your want your bathroom to smell like baking? I assume this scent was not intended for potties but really, that is wrong.

Imagine this scene. Someone walks into the office and says, "mmm what are you baking?" They start to creep around with visions of warm cookies and pastries in their heads. Being lead by their noses they creep around the corner and find the smell is coming from the bathroom.

This problem is two fold. Imagine being "the sniffer" and realizing what an idiot you were to follow your nose after a yummy smell only to find that this yummy smell is there to cover a yucky one.

Then imagine being "the sprayer" who has to admit that they made the yucky smell and masked it with the false hope of baked goodness with the yummy one!


Shame on you Febreeze. You should have a disclaimer on this one that says, "Do not use where bad smells occur."

< /rant >


Lili said...

I'd stand around outside sniffing and saying, "mmm, what smells like cookies with crap on top?" But I guess that's just me.

Shannon said...

It's the perfect opportunity to say "Oh that wonderful smell? I just pinched a loaf".

k2 said...

I think they should call it "Craptacular Cookies."
Just a though!

George said...

lili - I was thinking, "who crapped on the cookies?" lol

shannon - I cannot stop laughing. That is freaking AWESOME!

k2- These cookies taste poolicious! k2, you always crack me up!

tmana said...

Reminds me of a friend's rant against bathroom air fresheners some many years ago... "You spray the apple-scented stuff and it smells like apple-(excrement), you spray the orange stuff and it smells like orange (excrement), you spray the potpourri stuff and it just smells like (excrement)." (Friend's comments sanitized for public viewing)

Val said...

Whenever I see air fresheners in the bathroom, I am reminded back in the aerosol days of the time my dad left for a business trip with the can of "christmas pine" scented air freshener instead of Right Guard...

Shannon, you are evil - lol!

Scott said...

George, a few years ago, San Francisco banned cookie-scented bus-stop advertising because people were allergic to the scents! You can catch my blog posting a while back on that at The logic of having scented bus stops is similar to having scented potties, no doubt, although in this case, the advertiser was the California Milk Board, who reasoned that they could create demand for milk with the scent of freshly-baked cookies. It would have been cool if they hadn't banned them -- its better than the scent of cigarettes and dog urine! Anyway, happy reading!

Lea said...

I guess the upside of this would be to use it as some kind of Pavlovian aversion therapy for people who are dieting. If all I could associate with cookies is the scent of poo, I'd run for the hills.