Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You Tube Tuesday #74 - By Popular Demand!

After many comments yesterday and just because I thought it would be cool, I present to you George and his brand spanking new guitar!

I told him to look like he was rocking out. He did a pretty good job not busting into a laughing fit. He was a little embarrassed.



Kerri. said...

This. Is. So. Awesome.

I love that he starts the video facing the wall, turning around like it's a real music video. I'm a fan of George Jr!

And he's pretty honking good on that axe. Yo.

Jazz said...

That's our boy...WooHoo! He's a rockstar, just like his dad!

k2 said...

Awesome for sure!
George Jr is a Rock God in the making!
You know that once the young girls see this video, your home phone will not stop ringing!

George said...

kerri - The turning around was his idea. He is a crack up.

jazz - almost. ;)

k2 - We will have to change our number.

Colleen said...

Wow - that is just so neat - what a cool kid you have! Cute, talented, obviously has personality. Best You Tube Tuesday in years!

Andrea said...

AW! He's really good! And your story about the 1000 dollar guitar that you got for 299 is freakin' amazing. You should tell my mom- she still thinks she got the best gonga when she paid a penny for a pos guitar on ebay. You beat her though, hands down.

I miss you guys.

landileigh said...

someday, i'll have to tell you the entire story of my best friend from high school - rock gods are sometimes the geek you sat next to in earth science and cracked jokes about the weird looking teacher...

castro valley high - 1976/1977 freshman year - cliff burton and me