Thursday, July 10, 2008


“Good afternoon, the Fischer Group, this is George”

“Hey George it’s Rose!”

“Hey Rose how are you?”

“Good good. Hey can I talk to Sheryl?”

“Sure hang on a sec.”

“Hey George are you still not smoking?”

“Yup, almost 2 years now! What about you?”

“Wow that’s great! No I started again. The stress got to me. Ah well, next time.”

“That’s it, next time.” I tried to be encouraging.

She started again? Rose used to smoke (and I guess still does) 2 packs a day. When she told me almost two years ago that she had quit using a nicotine patch I was convinced that I could do it.

I know I should not let this bother me because I am smoke free BUT it does. It hurts that someone you were inspired by gives up.

Then I think about myself and how I have been slacking on the weight loss thing. I feel like I am letting everyone down, most importantly myself.

Stick with me. I will get my act together and drop these pesky pounds if it kills me.

One thing is certain.

I won't be smoking ever again.


Andrea said...

One thing about people that inspire you is, when they let you down, they can still be inspiring. You just have to change your focus from inspiring to be like them, to inspiring never to end up like them(or give up).

Good luck George! I know you can do it and you inspire me to keep working out to lose my extra pounds! Love you!

Aly said...

I think you are doing awesome! It's the hardest thing ever to lose a bunch of weight and keep going like you have. I give you props for having the perseverance to stick with it, even though it sucks. You and Jazz look great, and I am so proud of you both. Look at what a great example you are showing to your kids, too. They will look at you and think, "Wow, Mom & Dad stuck with it, and it was hard. Maybe I can do it, too." Don't give up, you are an inspiration to a lot of people! Love you guys!

Kerri. said...

I am so proud of you for sticking with the decision to quit, SuperG. You really are an inspiration!