Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Earthquake Rant


I hate them. They scare the crap out of me and regardless of the fact that I have lived in California all of my life, I am still not used to them.

I have many really good reasons to hate earthquakes and for those of you who have not experienced one, some of my issues may surprise you.

First, the thought that this is “THE BIG ONE” that we keep hearing about. I have heard about this destructive quake that is “coming soon” since I was a little kid. Now every time the ground shakes I figure I am going to probably end up underneath a pile of rubble.

There is also the fact that you do not know when one is going to hit. You have no warning at all. At first you think, did a truck crash into the building? Did something explode? It takes a second to realize what is happening and then you wonder, how long is this going to shake and is it going to stop or get harder? Is this the hardest it is going to shake? Is there anything above me that will fall on me? What about my kids? My spouse? My house? My drive home?

Let’s not forget the sound. The grumbling of an angry earth moving beneath you. Like a monster below the surface. It is an awful sound not to mention the dishes, cupboards, drawers and anything else clanging around.

When you turn on the TV people from all over are saying how they “felt it” to which I say, “It was an earthquake. Of course you felt a rolling motion! DUH!” I hate the news because then they say, “There is a chance that this is a pre-shock to a larger quake. We can only wait and see.” Lovely. I HATE the news!

Did I mention the aftershocks? See, the earthquake is not enough, it like when you laugh about a really funny thing that has just happened and then you laugh a few minutes later thinking about it again, and then later that night it pops into your head and you giggle about it and then the next week you really start cracking up again for no reason and then…you understand. The initial “joke” is the cause of many laugh attacks later. Except with a quake, I am not laughing when it continues to shake weeks later.

I did not sleep at all last night because I was just waiting for an aftershock to hit. I won’t sleep well for a while now. Not that I was sleeping very well anyway but now it will be worse.

Tornados, Hurricanes, Floods, are all terrible. I am sad when I see them happen in the world and when a hurricane or flood comes, no one is spared. I completely understand their power to destroy, I just envy the fact that with those you have some time to prepare your brains or get someone or leave. NOT THAT IT MAKES IT ANY EASIER AT ALL! I do not want you to think that I think those natural disasters are easy, I do not.

It’s just that with quakes, you have no warning. No time of the year. No weather pattern. No warning at all. If I knew when they were coming then I think they would be easier to deal with.

I dunno.

One thing is for sure.

I hate Earthquakes.


bob marley & lucy liu said...

I hear ya. I hate them, too. I'm from Virginia where we don't really have 'em, but was stationed in Monterey, CA (in the USAF at the Presidio) when that huge on hit in...was it '89 or '90? I forget the year, but WOW do I remember how FREAKED OUT I was. I was 19. I called my mom back in VA and told her I was leaving the Air Force and leaving the INSANE state of CA b/c I could NOT live in a place with EARTHQUAKES! I was scared poopless. Of course, the AF didn't let me leave. And where did they send me after that? JAPAN! Yes, earthquake center of the universe where we had them almost daily (although most were tiny and almost imperceptible). I live in Arizona now and feel pretty earthquake safe. But I feel your pain. Hate those aftershocks! They suck hiney! Sending my best wishes for stable ground...sandi (mom of a type 1, by the way, just fyi)

k2 said...

G- Ninja -
I'm so glad your OK!

I have experienced an earthquake, bu my brother lives in Southern Cal and many of my friends live in Cally as well.

Hang in thre G-Ninja, all of us in dBlogville LOVE ya!

Penny said...

I'm glad you're OK, George.

I've lived in NC my whole life so I've never been in an earthquake. I can only imagine how scary they are.

I've been through my share of hurricanes, a few tornadoes, and one bad flood. And, they're no fun either.

The scariest of those is the tornado. Even though conditions may be "favorable" for one it doesn't mean there will be one. They often seem to come out of nowhere and it's kind of hit and miss whether you will be spared or not. Often you don't have time to react and get somewhere safe (if there is such a place)before it hits. Riley and Holden are both terrified of a tornado hitting the house.

Still, there is a little warning unlike with an earthquake.

I have thought about if a tornado or hurricane hit and Riley was trapped under rubble that if he ran out of insulin or experienced a low what could/would happen. It brings a whole new aspect to natural disasters that I wouldn't have thought about 3 years ago.

manny hernandez said...

I keep saying to myself I need to have my earthquake plan in place: this weekend is it!

Shannon said...

Hey!!! You DO have the same sixth sense that animals do!! Remember I said that in your post about the list of questions you had? You dreamed about it and it happened.

OMG. You're psychic.

I remember in the 3rd grade when my teacher told us that California would break off and float away someday because of the earthquakes. I hope that never happens.

Natalie said...

I thought I'd read somewhere that scientists were trying to come up with a way to detect when an earthquake is coming. I guess they've not gotten that technology rolled out yet - either that or I'm thinking about something else. :)

I live in central Oklahoma, aka Tornado Alley. Sometimes we do have warnings. When they come up suddenly and there's no time to react, it's scary. After my 12 yr old daughter was dx w/ type I D, I was more scared of tornadoes than I'd ever been. Not because of the actual tornado, really, but of not being able to get her insulin and pump supplies in time. We have a plan, but still...

I lived in Los Angeles for a while, but never experienced an earthquake. I'm so glad you're ok.

micksmom28 said...

I agree with Shannon! You must have some 6th sense or something! Freaky dude! Maybe it's God's way of letting you know when they are coming so that you won't be so scared. Just a thought! Love ya!

Major Bedhead said...

I'm glad you're OK.

And this is why I live on the east coast. We get snow. That's about the extent of our extreme weather. No wild fires, no earthquakes, no flash flooding, no tornadoes. Just snow.

tmana said...

What I remember from the one 4.something-low something we felt in Boston when I was in uni, and a 3.something that hit Westchester County (NY) about a year after I left Cambridge, seismologists should be able to determine the approximate time and strength of the aftershocks based on the strength and location of the main shock. (And yeah, it was kind of weird knowing the NY earthquake was exactly that when it was happening... except for the duration, it could have just as easily been a large, noisy truck rolling down the street!)