Thursday, July 24, 2008

It Just Feels Right

The meme comes from my good friend Nicole. I have never done this one and frankly, it feels like a meme day.

This one goes like this and if you haven't done it, go for it.

Google your name with the word needs (ie: George needs) - post the results...

Easy enough.

George needs to put Laura in her place - I do not know a Laura but I bet she can get to her place on her own.

George needs break dancers for a new music video - This is so true. I need 7 to accomplish the "move" I have been working on for years. It really only takes 4 but some get hurt during practice for whatever reason.

George needs glasses - CHECK! Got em.

George needs more endorsement - I didn't know I had any to begin with!

George needs your help - Only if you can break dance.

George needs a good home - This one almost ruined the fun for me. A good house would be a better statement. Home, I will always have.


George needs someone to slobber on - Only if you they can break dance (its part of the "move").

Happy X-Files Eve everyone.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Dude! I can break dance! But only when wearing my Ninja outfit...

Lea said...

Me, Turbo and Ozone will be right over!! lmao!

Matt said...

Matt needs to date a midget or something ????

Nicole P said...

LOL. Too f**ing funny.

Penny said...

You're an X Files fan too? Have you seen the movie? I haven't seen it yet but I plan to.

I would help but if I were to break dance I'm pretty sure I'd literally break something.