Wednesday, July 16, 2008


As I was sitting in the waiting room Monday night "tweeting" away on my blackberry, I thought about how lucky I am.

Lucky to have a good Endo. Lucky to have a family. Lucky to have you all.

Lucky to have blood work with no issues except diabetes of course.

My A1C was 8.3 which is what it was a month ago. I have been running really high lately so it makes sense. He wants me to try some different bolus options like Square and Dual which I never use. In fact, I would love some advice or hear if you use those options. I know they call then something different on other pumps but I only know Minimed lingo.

Anyhow, He suggested I try a brace at night for my hand and see how that goes. I hope that works.

All and all it was a good visit and I look forward to many more good ones.

The thing is, I am not lucky at all.

I am blessed.


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Sara said...

I hardly ever use square wave (not a snacker) but I use the dual wave A LOT because I eat a lot of higher fat foods.

Um, I'm trying to think about how to advise you though. It's kinda trial and error based on the food. I use it with pizza, ice cream, Burger King. For me, the split usually ends up being somewhere between 60/40 and 70/30 depending on how much of the dose is a correction and how fatty I expect the food to be. I set the dual wave portion to be over an hour to an hour and a half (but I know some people set it for a longer duration), and then I set my pump to remind me to check at the 3 hour mark.

Does that help at all?